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Why Russian 'maybe' does not work, but we still hope for it

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Yes, he hoped for a Russian "maybe" ... Although he is not Russian at all. He is international. People all over the world live in the hope that they will carry, that they will not notice, will not be caught, will not recognize. Because of this, by the way, all the troubles, as they recognize, notice, catch, lead to clean water, which makes everyone feel bad (well, maybe, except for those who caught - they receive an order and a bonus for the holidays for this).

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The question here is this. Should those who did not directly participate in the game have to suffer, be deprived of property, hopes for a brighter future? Friends, relatives, children. After all, when the bubble bursts, it sprays everyone. There are more of those who were standing nearby, and fewer of those at a distance. And it turns out that people who did not hide, did not hide, did not cheat, did not steal, did not defame and did not know anything at all, now they are also responsible, or, in any case, in a group of victims.

Although, to be completely frank, then perhaps they (close and relatives) suspected something, precisely because they were close. But, firstly, the leaders of bubbles doomed to burst someday do not necessarily devote everyone to their plans, strategies and tactics. And sometimes it all looks quite innocent, official and looks like the truth. Therefore, when it bursts, they, loved ones, are also blamed. More precisely, they blame themselves for not seeing, not guessing before. But, in any case, everyone gets a significant portion of the "bitter berry".

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So why do people hope for "maybe"?

They think that they are smarter, trickier, faster, more successful. But they come across not necessarily as a result of a particularly important strategic error, but usually because of nonsense, some kind of stupidity. By chance, someone came out to throw out the garbage, picked up a piece of paper carried away by the wind, and ... noticed a miscalculation in the tax documentation, a strange banking operation. And he is just an accountant. Or suddenly an overheard conversation. Esemasca didn’t go there ... And there are a lot of different cases when a seemingly stupid clue led to unwinding a huge ball and holding many people accountable for what they were sure that they would never catch.

Pushkin hoped that his caustic epigrams would not arouse the anger of those against whom they were directed. Three hundred Spartans hoped to keep the Persian army of many thousands at Thermopylae. Mavrodi thought that no one would understand that MMM is an illegal financial pyramid. Stalin hoped that by concluding a non-aggression pact with Hitler in 1939, he would guarantee peace. The American Indians hoped that the coming "pale-faced brother" would not exterminate them in order to free the territories. And there are millions more examples that speak of the same thing: people make decisions based on fantasy, hoping for a better outcome.

I'm not saying that it always ends in failure, but if the participants in the first bank robbery in their life have a chance to remain uncaught, then with each next robbery this chance decreases. And it always ends in the same bad way for those who hoped for the same “maybe”, be it wrong.

All dictators at all times hoped for impunity and that no one would dare to drop them: from Caligula to Pol Pot, from Gaddafi to Pablo Escobar and Saddam Hussein. The whole mafia structure, even Italian, even Russian, at least any other, is built on this fantasy.

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What helps them create such an illusion and believe in it unconditionally? Maybe insanity, inability to see the existing reality, unwillingness to correlate their actions with the opposition that they will surely cause, since it does not happen otherwise? What is the serial killer hoping for? That he will not be caught. And he will be caught. We know. Yes, he will kill many on the way. But, fortunately, it is not eternal. I think that the feeling of impunity is a disease. It clouds the brain and completely or partially turns off the center that is responsible for reproducing a picture of a real, non-imagined world. Unless, of course, they subconsciously want to be caught and punished for their deeds. But if this is so, then the problem here is completely different, and let the master neuropsychologists deal with it.

And you and I just have to think. And, planning what is "impossible", from a small local ugliness to a large all-galactic revolution, take into account the fact that, most likely, this will not go unnoticed, because someone definitely will not like it. And will bring to life the forces of reaction. They will be not so much opponents of you and me as just people standing up for their own interests, which our project is encroaching on (even if it only seems to them). Or not. In any case, you need to be prepared for the fact that the tail will be pinched.

So - take care of your tail! And from a young age, and generally always!

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