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Opinion: why Russian men don't take care of themselves



Columnist Lady Mail.Ru Anna Gerasimenko on whether “grooming” makes a man less masculine.

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I am lying here on the beach by the Mediterranean Sea on vacation, frying all the best in the sun and looking at people. Around - mostly foreigners. Germans, French, some Italians, Swedes, Spaniards ... All are beautiful.

On female beauty in international diversity, I will not now. Everything is clear with her. On the upgrade, tuning and other shugaring our Russian women have no rivals. Europeans are very calm about appearance. White shorts, black T-shirt, beige lip gloss ... well, sometimes beads.

I want now about male beauty. A lot of male beauty here. Neat haircuts, chubchiki, figured shaved nape, perfect beards, triangular torsos, colorful tattoos, press, all the cases.

They sunbathe, not hesitating to be scolded, exposing the sun to one side or the other, so that it turns exactly dark.

And their clothes are matched - polo collar to the lapel on shorts, sneakers are fashionable, sneakers are clean, socks ... I did not look into their socks, of course, but I am sure that the thumbnail did not spoil them.

For dinner, men dress smartly. Jackets, linen shirts, moccasins. Gel - on a hairdress, a beard - a hairbrush (verses are directly born).

And I remembered how we on the topic of male beauty and grooming somehow clashed with a certain Russian guy Gena in the expanses of Turkey (about this dialogue - below).

By the way, in Turkey, as in Italy, men are well-groomed and well-dressed always (oh-oh). In Italy, just like from the calendar, they also have beautiful outfits. In Turkey, they are fans of hairdressing. They have everywhere a million "Kuafyuroshnyh", and all forever clogged. Shaggy wild animals sit there for hours, waiting for the perfect line of beard to be “engraved” with it. And they also make mud and clay masks on the T-zone, so that neither acne nor irritation.

I now do not know how to relate to this. Maybe this is a bust - a man with a clay mask on the T-zone? Although, it seems to me, they are there not only inducing beauty, but also hanging out just like in hookahs. We relaxed, striganuli beard, masochka made, bushy brows curbed.

Once, while vacationing in Turkey, we went to cut my dear Alyosha, whose bangs covered his blue eyes with a curtain. The Russian guy Alyosha thought he would get off with five minutes: well, what would it seem like to cut a hair with a "pzzzz" typewriter, as in the usual Dandelion barbershop next to the house. But not - Alyosha got to the ceremony.

A hefty bearded barber fixed the client with an apron from throat to toes, sat him down and proceeded: slapping him on the cheeks, cutting, shaving, burning his ears and nostrils with fire, like a terrible magician, ridding him of lost hairs and, giving Alyosha a gloss, made him all sorts of fogs and maraths. I shouted, rushed to the fire extinguisher, and the client, trying to figure it out, gloomily endured when he was already able to reasonably pound the magician in our way, in Russian.

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At the end of the long procedure, Alyosha, for whom the only face mask was always dust from under the hooves, was smeared with black clay, and then the remaining imperfections from the neck were removed with hot wax. Then I stopped screaming and thought: here you are, man - find out what epilation is.

Alyosha came out of the "torture" smooth, handsome and exhausted. And the Turkish hairdresser, at the door already, quite patted him on the cheeks, smiled in a fatherly manner and said something like “you are my pretty”.

Turks love to induce beauty

So here is a certain Gena ... Gena with beer and belly, discussing with me the global male trend and fashion for grooming and style, spoke out sharply against beauty.

“Probably, they also shave their armpits and“ clean the corn, ”the young ladies are muslin. Perverts, ”Genapt spat, combing courage.

Gena himself showed and proved with his body and spirit that a real man is shaggy, unkempt, paunchy (this is a life experience). He drinks shampoos and conditioners harshly for breakfast, and washes only with tar soap to scare off enemies, bedbugs, ticks and even small birds. He needs socks to screw something to the carburetor at a dangerous moment.

To pump muscles is for weaklings and from complexes. Get a haircut - only in summer, so it's not so hot. To use perfume - you still put on a ballet tutu for a man. And walking in an ironed shirt is for wacky girls! (Almost a quote).

Gena is like that. Well, how can you blame him? After all, in childhood, his mother forbade him to cry, and dad advised him not to clean his shoes, not to be a woman. And he did not choose clothes for himself. His grandmother bought creepy tights for him. (Oh, these tights (!) Are childhood trauma). For so long it was customary for us to consider clean and smart as perverts, but tattoos are generally a prison stigma.

And I love it when men are well dressed. And when I smell perfume, I love. And in shirts love. And beautiful men's shoes are just fine.

No, this is certainly not the determining factor. But it's good when it's good. We try to look beautiful, smell delicious, so that a man would be pleased to hug us and would like to kiss. Why don't they try for us? Within reasonable limits, of course. Sobbing if the tie is ugly is unnecessary. Shaving our back is only if she's wearing a sweater all year round.

In the current time of stylish clothes, a man can dress up in his own way, like a man. As Irina Khakamada said in an interview, "style is an external form of intelligence." Kind of like, if you're smart, look good. Meeting by dress is also wise. And if you don't like buying clothes, don't hit your wife if she bought it (because she threw away your torn sweatpants).

About "don't hit your wife" - I remembered it for a reason. One of my acquaintances, at the request of his young wife, to throw out his torn socks and get a haircut, staged a riot. He explained that real men will not be like women, and in spite of his grandmother, he froze his ears - he grew a terrible broom beard and wore a torn T-shirt, proving what a stronger sex he was.

Men's beautiful clothes are now the sea. To look stylish, you do not need to stoop to the girl's boring shopping, go to fashion shows, and you can just go in and buy. And now beautiful does not mean expensive. You can dress like a mannequin in the store "Massimo Dutti" or "Scotch and Soda." I really like there mannequins. And a hint for men - you do not sweat with a choice, come, take it from a dummy, leave smart.

In general, I really like clothes in the men's departments. Such soft T-shirts, very nice shirts. Just beautiful. And it's nice to hug in all this.

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This is what I?

Besides, all this, as the harsh Russian mechanics say, "homo ** tina" does not prevent men from being men. They fight in well-fitting jeans, earn money to feed their families in trendy cotton, swear over a backgammon game by throwing a leather jacket over their shoulders, toss children high over their heads, carry weights, hug their wives. Guys are quite themselves. Just washed some ... well-groomed.

And I doubt that a well-dressed man is necessarily a "woman", and he always squeals at the sight of a mouse, and kicks the closet in the morning, howling that he has nothing to wear.

This is now, true, our, girlish, leave us.

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