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Why will Prince Harry begging Elizabeth II to return him to the royal family soon



Prince Harry recently announced that he and his wife Meghan Markle decided to start an independent life. The expert is sure: it will not last long, writes

Earlier this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they were going to quit royal duties. Together with their young son Archie, the couple moved to Canada and are clearly planning to settle there. But not so simple.

First, the Sussex decision was immediately criticized. Insiders claimed that because of the prince’s desire to leave for another country, his relationship with his beloved grandmother Elizabeth II went wrong. Secondly, the queen forbade the spouses to use the Sussex Royal trademark and earn on the sale of souvenirs.

Despite the fact that Harry and Megan kept a good face in a bad game, sources from the environment of the couple assured: the Duchess was tearing and mosquing. The duke appeared in public in splendid isolation, and many noted how confused and restless the usually cheerful Harry looked.

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Suspicion crept into the heads of fans: what if Prince Harry had already regretted his decision? Recently, their thoughts have been confirmed by royal expert Daniel Wilde.

In an interview with Sky News Australia, the man said that in less than a couple of years, Prince Harry would return to his family. Alone or with Megan - this is not so important.

“I know that he is not very pleased to be the youngest son and brother, but one day he will begin to miss this sense of duty,” the expert said.

According to Wilde, Prince Harry did not know any other life than the royal, so the upcoming "independence" could scare him.

And yet, according to Daniel, Harry will try to live away from the bustle of the palace and the close attention of journalists, but one day he will get tired of it. As a result, according to the expert, he will return to fulfilling his duties, whether Meghan Markle wants it or not.

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The other day, the British publication The Sun, citing insiders, said that not everything is as bad as it seems. Elizabeth II met with her grandson in London, and at lunch and a cup of tea they talked about the future for four hours, adds

“I love you very much and will always be glad to see you,” the queen assured her grandson.

According to insiders, the atmosphere of their meeting was measured, and grandmother and grandson finally got the opportunity to talk calmly. Elizabeth II is ready to accept Harry and his wife again if they suddenly change their minds and wish to return to royal duties.

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