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Why does hair fall out after self-isolation and in which cases you need to sound the alarm


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Isolation caused stress even for those who did not actually experience illness or financial difficulties. The need to sit in four walls, the news of rising deaths and worries about older relatives all contributed to the development of background anxiety. It turns out that anxiety worsens not only the general emotional state, but also affects the condition of the hair. Rambler found out if this is normal.

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One of the most common problems in quarantine has become alopecia - hair loss. This is evidenced by the increased demand for vitamins and dietary supplements to improve their condition. According to the American brand Hum Nutrition, the number of buyers during the isolation has grown by 160%, and searches on the topic "baldness" on the Sephora cosmetics site have increased by 409%.

The reason for this reaction of the body is background stress due to atypical circumstances. And, unfortunately, if you have already encountered this problem, it will not work with the opening of beauty salons. It will take time to recover, and in some cases you need to see a doctor.

There are several types of alopecia:

  • Diffuse (occurs due to stress)
  • Focal (hair falls out in a certain area, most often this is due to heredity),
  • Androgenic (hair loss in the frontal and temporal parts of the head is mainly affected by men, but hormonal failure can affect a woman).

In addition to stress, additional factors can affect hair loss, such as medication, surgery, vitamin deficiencies, and age. To find out the exact cause of baldness and make a treatment plan, you need to contact a trichologist, dermatologist or endocrinologist, depending on the potential cause of the disease.

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How to understand that it’s time to see a doctor?

The norm is the loss of about 100 hairs daily. This is a fairly large amount, especially considering the length of the hair. In appearance, one long hair will look like 10 short ones. But it is difficult to calculate the number of hair loss per day, therefore Rambler offers several other methods of analysis:

Divide the hair in the parting and see if new hairs grow in the parting area. If so, then don’t worry.

The presence of “new hair” is not determined by length. Therefore, it is not worth evaluating how often you go to the hairdresser to update the haircut.

Examine the temporal area of ​​the head, closer to the ears. If you see the occurrence of "undercoat" there, then there is probably no problem.

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