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Why, after moving to the USA, I stopped wasting time doing housework


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Housework is real work. This is known by those who are sitting at home on maternity leave, and even more so by working women. For example, I work and, to be honest, I really don't like doing household chores, writes the author of the Blog about the USA channel on "Yandex Zen". I’ll tell you how, after moving to the USA, I eased my household chores.

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Air purifier

I bought in the room and in the bedroom special devices that clean the air. To understand that they really work is not difficult, you just need to check the filter in a month: there will be a lot of dust.

My friends have a dog, and their filter is all clogged with fine wool, which flies in the air. Naturally, without such a cleaner they would simply breathe this all.

Well, and of course, the most important thing for me is that dust appears on the shelves very rarely and very small particles. Another plus, if you turn it on a couple of hours before bedtime, it seems like you sleep better, but maybe it's self-hypnosis.

Drying machine

In the USA, the dryer is almost always installed separately from the washing machine. Usually "dryers" are very large, and if you put a few things and throw in a few pieces of ice, the clothes will be dry and not wrinkled. True, this only works with lightweight clothing made from natural fabrics - however, it works great for Florida.

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After drying, I immediately hang all the things on hangers (shorts - on special hangers with clothespins), so nothing wrinkles under my own weight. I have nothing on the shelves.

Just in case, I have a steam iron that smoothes out any thing in a minute.

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Waste shredder

In the United States, almost everyone in the sink has such choppers. I think everyone knows what it is. Indeed, it is very convenient, vegetables can be cleaned directly in the sink. The remnants of any food are also in the sink, everything will be crushed. Thus, there will be no organic waste in the bin, and there is no grate in the sink that needs to be cleaned constantly.

And my husband really likes that pipes never get clogged and you don’t need to clean them.


Familiar “our” girls tell me: “I don’t understand why she is needed, it’s not difficult for me to wash my plate after myself”.

But it’s difficult for me, for example, because every time it’s not one plate. I cook at home, and I have a bunch of dishes after cooking and eating.

I just put dishes there in the morning after breakfast, report in the evening after cooking and dinner, and start the car. Nothing terrible happens during the day with dishes.

She washes and dries for about 3 hours, the dishes after her are perfect. Perfectly launders pots and pans from all sides.

Using a dishwasher is inexpensive, we thought, about 50 cents goes out of the light.

I advise everyone right from the heart. We’ve bought it for half a year, I never once after that washed a single spoon with my hands.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Great invention! Just turn it on from the phone while at work, and he vacuums everything himself. This also saves a lot of time, it can be started at least every day, if necessary. For example, who has pets, so as not to breathe wool.

He easily crawls from the carpet to the tiles, into the kitchen and bathroom.

And since we have carpet everywhere, I also saved myself from washing the floor in the rooms. Unless in the kitchen and bathroom. But our kitchen is small, as it is combined with the hall, so it’s not at all difficult.

How do you feel about household chores?

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