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Why is it time to stop believing that love will save the world

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


How I want to believe that someone will save us, that we will come to our senses, reevaluate the past and understand that if you cut the branch on which you are sitting, you will surely thunder to the fanfare. If you destroy a planet, you will have to move to another (and we are not yet technologically ready for this). If you are nervous about every occasion, you will earn a sore, and even a serious one, but no one can determine the source of the problem with certainty. And it would be good to understand a lot of other different things, and preferably on time.

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For example, that equality and fraternity are impossible, and that socialism is a utopia, and a very dangerous one. Look at any country where they tried to force it into the minds of the population. And what was the result? Dictatorship, nightmare, collapse, mess, war, death and other "charms". I think that only love will save us. There is nothing and no one else.

Yes, and with love, too, not everything is so simple and clear. How will she save us, when and whom, all in a row or the best, and how will she determine who is worthy of salvation, and who is a fig with butter? So far, from what I see, love does not win, but on the contrary, hatred, anger, meanness, greed, envy, injustice, well, and other relatives of these feelings as old as the world win. Why? Perhaps because man has not changed in thousands of years. Yes, he put on his pants, in some cases even hid his tail, but inside, in fact, he remained the same as he was, a beast. We were animals, weren't we? And if so, why should they stop being? Because they came up with laws, rules, justice (ha-ha-ha), hung traffic lights at intersections and learned how to make genetically modified ... everything? I don't think this is a reason.

A person has always wanted, and even now he still wants to appropriate for himself, even if he needs to take away from others, while showing his inner normal animal desires, no matter what. And if society forbids him to do this, then he (because he is genetically tuned in anyway) endures, endures, matures like a boil, and bursts without fail. Either he shot those, then chopped these or simply jumped out of the window. With what led to the shooting or why he jumped out, they don’t really understand. In addition, all those who have NOT yet shot and NOT exploded are not taught by examples of this kind. And they are doing the right thing by not teaching. Because you can't teach. Just as it is impossible to make a hummingbird bird out of a tiger, even if it is very necessary. So, I don’t know how love will cope with all this.

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And by the way, a little about love. She's basically what? There are also only one and a half billion opinions on this topic, although all are correct. She is a kind of “seven-winged eight-eyes in a kerogas cigarette case”, which no one has seen, although she tells any, no matter how incredible, stories about him. Love of a man and a woman? Chemistry is. Nothing else. The two animals met. They sniffed each other. The smell either came up or not (neither clothes, nor demeanor, nor accumulated wealth have anything to do with it). Those very famous pheromones act, about which everything is already known. It is not known, however, where they come from, where they go and why they work on some, but not on others. So again, nothing is known.

But if the smell came up, then they mate (a natural phenomenon, not sanctioned by the party and the government). After that, sometimes they stay together, but more often they don't. And if they remain, then the chemistry soon passes, and they don’t really want to be together (like an animal if), but they turn on the brains that had been resting until that moment. Brains think different thoughts, such as “Maybe stay with her, like she’s nothing?” or “Well, he is quite consistent, kind, honest, responsible, go look for another one, there are much worse.” But these are all notions, the costs of culture, habits passed from parents, gaps in education. People, of course, use them and often regret it.

This is me about finding a “smart reason” to stay with a person who only smelled right at the beginning. Family is probably good: children are there, furniture, vacations, who does what, she is soup, and he is chopping wood. But I don't think it's for everyone. More precisely, it doesn’t suit the majority, judging by the divorce statistics, which are becoming more and more fun every year and have long exceeded 50 percent. Why is unclear.

Another love - parents to children and vice versa - is also just an instinct (again, nature, or whoever controls it, came up with the idea that humanity would multiply and populate the planet). All other types of love are invented, imposed, that is, bullshit is a deception. So here the question is quite pertinent: what kind of love will save the world? One of the above or some new, other, not yet known to us and not tested by us? An ordinary question that requires an answer, and today. We have no time to wait. The earth is on fire. The number of bombs, poisons and other tools for the destruction of their own kind has already exceeded 100 percent for a long time.

That is, if you use everything stored up, then there will be no one to collect the corpses, although, in fact, there is no need. In a thousand years, and so everything will decay, there will be no trace of us, and the world will be overgrown with beautiful greenery. Animals, wolves, hares, kangaroos will live on a clean planet, as they once did. Whales, sharks, “crocodiles, hippos and a green parrot” will continue to swim in clean seas and oceans, cleansed of our waste products. And there will again be plenty of fish to feed on each other. The equilibrium that once existed will be restored. The strong will catch up with the weak and the sick and eat him: not because he was offended by him or in an attempt to sit down, but simply for lunch. The survivors will pass on the improved genetic set to the next generation. And so it is with everything. It won't be just us. Pests. Everything, everywhere and everyone. And, most importantly, to ourselves.

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And the animal and vegetable world has always had and will always have love. She does not bother anyone, no one envies her and no one uses it for provocative purposes. And only, as it was conceived, for procreation and maintaining balance in nature. Rodents eat those who can be bitten, large birds - small ones, sharks - penguins, chickens - peck worms. Everything is in place, everyone is happy, especially those who have not been eaten.

There are almost no more questions. Only one is left: how will love destroy us in order to save the planet? Or do you still think that she can reason and save? I would like to think so too, but it is becoming more and more difficult to do this every day, looking at the environment and periodically reading the latest news.

I'm ready to be saved. And you? Maybe then let's all do something in this regard? Pray, for example, or try to reason with at least one person who is already nearby. Let's try and start with ourselves. Although even that won't be easy. We find easy ways to seek. Right?

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