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Why Pippa Middleton was a problem for the royal family and how William calmed her down


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The more information you learn about the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, the clearer one gets the feeling that Pippa's character and life aspirations are very similar to Meghan Markle. And only a happy coincidence, or, rather, someone's foresight, did not allow the destructive consequences of Pippa's temperament to manifest itself, writes the author of the blog "Mini-Zen" on Yandex Zen.

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Younger sister Katherine already in her youth earned the nickname of the queen of parties, and her search for a titled groom was no secret to anyone. Kate's relationship with the crown prince opened the way for her to the highest spheres of society, but, as the son of the Duke of Northumberland, Earl George Percy, with whom Pippa met for a long time, said in a friendly conversation, she is, of course, a good girl, but not the kind to marry ...

However, be that as it may, and Philip Middleton became part of the royal family from the moment her older sister Kate finally married Prince William. And just as later happened to Meghan Markle, Pippa's plans to "transform the palace" made the royal courtiers shudder. She organized a post-wedding party for Catherine and William and managed to clash with royal officials, courtiers, and even Prince Charles himself, insisting on decorating the throne room with shiny balls and ordering ready-made meals from a certain company.

The newly-minted royal relative quarreled with the courtiers, but insisted on her own way and turned the ceremonial halls of Buckingham Palace into a disco dance floor. But she could not argue with Prince Charles and ordered food at a restaurant that the prince offered. But all this did not seem so important, because the day after the royal wedding, Pippa woke up famous, as she managed to shine during the broadcast of the ceremony with her dress and behavior.

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She was showered with offers to give interviews, become a TV presenter, appear for magazines, advertisements and TV programs. The gossip chronicles followed her every step, and Pippa herself continued to change promising boyfriends and lead a fun riotous life. The apotheosis of all was Oprah Winfrey's invitation to appear for her $ 300 program. And here the patience ran out of the courtiers. The escapades of Sarah of York and the scandals associated with her were still fresh in my memory, and the reputation of the royal family, as they believed, would not have pulled such a second person. Prince William undertook to talk with Pippa and to reason with her.

As far as can be judged from the sources, in 2016 he had a serious conversation with the girl, during which he gently but at the same time adamantly advised her to change the vector of behavior and abandon the monetization of her fame, as well as to moderate her ardor in search of entertainment and suitors. And that's all since it cut off. Whether Pippa understood everything perfectly or her mother helped her in this, but the conclusions were correct. From the bins was pulled out the untitled, but wealthy James Matthews, who at one time received her resignation, and was revealed to the people as Pippa's boyfriend, and then fiancé.

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In 2017 they got married, then a son was born... Philip has gone into the shadows and does not adorn the front pages of tabloids, does not flicker on the air on TV, but appears only in the gossip section as a guest at royal and aristocratic weddings, sports and other events, or while walking around the city with her child and husband.

And here the question naturally arises: why did Prince William manage to calm his sister-in-law, but nothing happened with his daughter-in-law? Could it be that Pippa, like her entire family, is the flesh of the English class society and as a representative of her class, was not morally ready to oppose something to the royal family? In addition, distance the royal family and the court from Pippa - she would instantly become nothing in a secular society, since she herself does not have the necessary wealth and connections.

Megan is another matter. This is not the wife's sister, for whom no one really stands. She herself is the wife of a man equal to William by birth and blood, his brother, and besides, an American with a different background and freedom of maneuver. But these are just my assumptions, and how everything was in reality, one can only guess.

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