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Why you can not drink paracetamol for the prevention of coronavirus



After the WHO recommended drinking paracetamol for treatment for coronavirus, people began to buy it in pharmacies en masse, pharmacists say. But experts remind: drinking them for preventive purposes is not safe, writes

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Belarusian Minister of Health Vladimir Karanik warned that uncontrolled use of paracetamol can do even more harm than coronavirus.

“The last two weeks have shown that a 14-month sale of paracetamol has been realized in Belarus. As the transplantologists gloomily joke, at the next stage of work they will add: paracetamol is a drug that has its own contraindications and is hepatotoxic in large doses (that is, it harms the liver), the minister said. “Considering that there is a real risk that someone could be poisoned with paracetamol, we will probably impose restrictions on the dispensing of the drug from the point of view of patient safety.”

WHO recommended the use of paracetamol with COVID-19. However, it was only about alleviating the symptoms of the disease.

In general, the drug is used for acute respiratory viral infections and influenza to lower body temperature and to relieve symptoms such as aching joints, headache.

Directly with coronavirus, as noted by WHO, paracetamol does not fight.

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Paracetamol should be taken only at elevated temperatures, the pharmacist emphasizes. It is not prescribed as a prophylactic.

“This drug has serious contraindications and side effects and can cause allergic reactions. Violations of the immune and respiratory systems, hematopoietic organs, liver functions can also be observed, says pharmacist Anna Suchkova. “Paracetamol is not allowed for everyone: it should not be taken by children under 6 years old, with liver diseases, during pregnancy and lactation, in old age.”

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