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Why is it dangerous to try the raw cookie dough


Source: NY Daily News

On the eve of the holiday, many hostesses practice baking different delicacies to pamper their kids and hone their skills. Many children, and adults too, with pleasure lick spoons, fingers and even a whisk from the mixer, on which sweet raw dough is left. Why is it dangerous, says NY Daily News.


The fact is that cookie dough (and most other types of baking) contains eggs and flour. And if earlier it was believed that only eggs were the only source of infection, then last year doctors made a new statement. Raw, not heat-treated flour is no less dangerous! It is made from grain, which is taken directly from the field, and is usually not processed for antibacterial purposes, ”explains Leslie Smoot, an expert at the FDA's food safety department. When the flour comes in contact with a humid environment, E. coli, or E. coli, can actively proliferate in it.

Symptoms of bacterial poisoning associated with eating flour include cramping in the abdomen and serious digestive problems. In most people, the disease disappears in a week, but some cases can be complicated by concomitant chronic diseases, including renal failure.

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Experts advise parents to be careful during family pastries - even if the child does not eat the dough, he can lick his fingers.

What does the FDA recommend:

  1. Do not eat uncooked cookie dough, cake mixes, and any other types of raw dough, both homemade and factory made.
  2. Follow the instructions for storing products containing flour, taking into account temperature and time.
  3. Wash hands, work surfaces, and dishes thoroughly after contact with flour and raw dough products.
  4. When cooking, store raw foods separately from the rest to prevent cross-contamination. Keep in mind that flour easily scatters around.
  5. Follow the instructions on the labels to quickly cool foods containing uncooked dough between the time of purchase and baking.

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