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Why you can not sleep on the plane during takeoff


Source: Rambler

Sleeping on board is considered to be a great idea for many, as few people find something to do during the flight, and some want to rest after a tiring boarding.

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Passengers often fall asleep as soon as they get on board, which is not recommended by doctors. It turns out that sleep before takeoff and during landing is detrimental to health and leads to serious disorders, writes Rambler.

The main reason for which scientists do not recommend falling asleep at these intervals of flight is air pressure surges. It usually changes inside the aircraft during takeoff and landing. This adversely affects the auricle, since a vacuum is created in the Eustachian tubes, which provokes congestion and partial deafness.

If this happens when a person is sound asleep, the body can not independently equalize pressure in the ears. This leads to dizziness, and in some cases, the passenger may suffer from damage to the eardrum.

If the pressure jump was too strong and the congestion was not eliminated for a long time, the person risks getting nosebleeds and hearing loss.

To prevent excessive strain on the ears, scientists recommend yawning and drinking plenty of fluids as often as possible. The pressure goes away thanks to swallowing movements, which helps chewing gum and candy.

You can also use the technique to eliminate congestion, for which you need to hold your nose with your fingers and try to yawn without opening your mouth.

Scientists recommend to maintain vigor during takeoff and landing and not to sleep, in which energetic music can help.

Sleep is recommended when the plane took off and pressure surges can not harm health. However, you should be alert and do not oversleep landing time.

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