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Why you can not use paper shawls with a cold


Source: Clever

A runny nose is a very unpleasant problem that is familiar to children and adults. It is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa due to various microbes and viruses. If you do not regularly cleanse the nasal sinuses, then a possible complication of the disease.

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In recent years, the use of disposable paper napkins has become very popular with the common cold. They are inexpensive, simple and practical. But despite this, doctors advise to abandon them, writes Clever. Regular tissue paper carries serious health hazards due to the following reasons:

1. Low quality. In order to reduce the cost of production, manufacturers of paper napkins use the cheapest raw materials. By standards they must be made from natural pulp, but it is often replaced with waste paper. It is pretreated with various chemicals (bleach, various bleaches, industrial talc, fluorescent agents), which are extremely toxic. As a result, finished products are a serious health hazard. However, in the shops you can find and high-quality paper scarfs, but they are more expensive.

2. Irritant effect. Due to its structure, the paper traumatizes the sensitive skin under the nose, as well as additionally damages the inflamed mucosa. This not only leads to unsightly redness and discomfort, but can also cause infection. That is why, by the way, you should not use ordinary napkins and kitchen towels, but only soft handkerchiefs for cleaning the nose.

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3. Allergic action. Paper napkins can cause severe allergic reactions in immunocompromised people. They can also result in dyes and flavors contained in napkins.

4. The spread of bacteria. Well-advertised wet paper towels not only do not kill the pathogens, but also cause them to spread. This is the opinion of scientists from the University of Cardiff.

For blowing off, it is better to use textile handkerchiefs made of soft fabric, which will not traumatize the skin. They should be washed regularly so that they do not become a breeding ground for bacteria. Scarf need to wet the discharge from the nose, and not to rub them.

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