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Why not drink alcoholic beverages in the heat


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Despite the fact that doctors have repeatedly warned about the dangers of alcohol to health, few people can completely exclude alcohol from their lives. For most, alcohol is a way to relieve stress, relax, and support the company. Many people associate summer vacations with a glass of cold beer or a refreshing cocktail. But how much does the harmful effect of alcoholic beverages increase in hot weather?

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Light alcoholic drinks do not harm and quench thirst: truth or myth?

In the heat, drinks such as beer and dry white wine are popular. Indeed, alcoholic cocktails, and even with ice, or a steaming glass of cold beer refresh, invigorate and relax. But after some time I want to drink again alcohol and quench my thirst: this is how alcohol acts, “multiplied” with a sweet liqueur or juice.

Heat enhances the toxic effect of alcohol, even in the smallest quantities. Also, the high temperature of the air when taking alcoholic beverages contributes to increased perspiration: as a result, a person’s need for an even greater quantity of consumed liquid increases, and heat production and heat transfer increase. "Quenching" thirst in this way, a person endures the heat even worse and just postpones the time of the onset of heat stroke.

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Why is it dangerous to quench your thirst with beer?

In this case, according to toxicologists, beer is the easiest option, since this drink stimulates biochemical reactions in the tissues and reduces the likelihood of getting heatstroke. However, the effect of intoxication from beer in the heat increases, so you can not notice and "bust". Here, the situation depends on the individual characteristics of each: from dehydration to a heart attack. Not to mention the fact that in a state of intoxication a person risks getting injured or drowned.

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Strong alcohol, heat and chronic diseases

As already mentioned, the heat increases the toxic effect of alcohol, therefore, the use of strong alcoholic beverages in the heat is a “heavy artillery” for the body. Doctors warn: drinking vodka, cognac is harmful, and even more so in the heat. The stronger the alcohol drunk in hot weather, the faster the conditions characteristic of overheating of the body will come: changes in vascular tone, respiration, blood pH.

As a result, already existing diseases or ailments that slightly made themselves felt, but the person did not seek medical help, may sharply worsen. In such cases, drinking alcohol on the beach or a picnic in the heat can result in a sharp rise in blood pressure, hypertensive crisis, up to a stroke and heart attack. Not to mention the "classic" alcohol poisoning in the heat with all the consequences of intoxication - nausea, vomiting, severe dehydration and memory loss.

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The better to quench your thirst: "no" to power engineers, "yes" to kvass

Alcohol is also dangerous because it causes an additional increase in appetite even in the heat, you want to eat something nourishing, fatty and fried instead of light food. As a result, the thirst increases even more, the amount of “soft” alcohol consumed grows, and the organs and systems of the person are working for wear.

And alcoholic energy drinks are generally a time bomb. Since caffeine and alcohol contained in such drinks, in hot weather, first increase the body's performance, and then lead to its dramatic depletion, causing it to lose a lot of fluid. Nutritionists recommend quenching your thirst with pure water without gas with lemon, green tea, kvass, or unsweetened compote / morning drink.

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