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Why you shouldn’t throw away the remnants


Source: Rambler

Every time after using a piece of soap, a small remnant of it remains. It is a pity to throw it out, and it is inconvenient to use, but it can be useful in everyday life.

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It can be put in the closet between the clothes, writes Rambler. The soap removes unpleasant odors and soaks dresses, jeans and sweaters with a pleasant aroma. During the trip it can also be put in a suitcase. The clothes will not dampen, and it will be pleasant to wear.

For repairing lightning

If you have a badly fastened zipper on a bag, jeans or suitcase, grease it with a small piece of soap. Thanks to this, the lock will slide better.

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To repel insects

If in the summer you are often disturbed by insects, put pieces of soap on the windowsill. He will scare away mosquitoes and flies with his smell. If you have ants in the house, you can cope with them using household soap. Just put it in places of insects.

Processing plants

Laundry soap can destroy bacteria from the leaves of indoor plants. Fill the remnants of warm water and let them dissolve, and then process the plants several times a week. The laundry soap will clean them and protect them from germs and bacteria.

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For sewing

Remnants can be used as tailor chalk for the pattern. Traces of soap will be clearly visible, and when washed, they will quickly erase. In addition, from it you can make a fragrant stand for needles and pins. Just wrap it with a cloth, and accessories will be easily inserted.

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