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Why you shouldn't berate yourself for promises you didn't keep last year

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


There is such a tradition - to come up with resolutions, draw up a plan for the next year from them and then, accordingly, monitor the implementation. The idea may be not bad, but there are pitfalls in it. About them and speech ...

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Let's start from the stove.

Is it okay to plan ahead? Two answers: yes and no. It's clear about “yes”, but let's talk about “no”. There are many who believe that “man believes, but God disposes”. That is, it is unreasonable to plan, since everything is in the hands of fate, higher powers, providence ... And whatever you plan there, but it will be as intended ... As written in the book of your life. And nowhere you can hide from these records and the plan of higher powers cannot be altered. Is it reasonable? Maybe. Therefore, many (more often from the elderly) stopped making these to-do lists for the year ahead, considering this occupation in vain.

But many, nevertheless, continue to do this business with enviable frequency and zeal. There you can get rich, and grow wiser, and lose weight, and ... more modest desires. What is listed there is not so important ... Much more important is what happens at the end of the year (or the beginning of a new one), when, looking at the list, you realize that you have not completed everything. In some cases, it did nothing. This is where self-flagellation begins. Here I am, so-and-so, slob-inept. And rightly so my mother said that nothing good will come of me anyway, no matter how hard I try. So maybe trying to do nothing?

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That is, any of us can seek confirmation of our own insolvency where there is none ...

But who knows. Confucius, a genius Chinese sage, back in the fifth century BC said: “You shouldn't look for a black cat in a dark room”. After reading this saying, I (I know that impudence and disgustingness on my part) felt that the ending was not enough, and added my own ... "And if you look, you will definitely find it."

It is important to understand that all these are words, ideas, notions, plans. This is nothing in life. There is a tree, there are clouds and rain, but there are no plans. They are a mirage, a chimera, words put on paper, invented in an attempt to be like everyone else or to prove something to someone ... And nothing else.

I am not an opponent of plans in general, and of New Year's plans in particular. I am against self-flagellation and another attempt to convince myself that you have lost everything in life, or almost everything. This is easy to do, but unnecessary.

Something can always go wrong. And that's okay. It happens. Therefore, at the beginning of the year, if you want to write a plan for this year, be sure to include in it something that did not materialize in the previous year. And do this every year. Make the list huge. Nothing wrong. The longer the list, the greater the chances that at least something from it will be able to be implemented.

And in the first days of the new year, we must say thank you to everyone and everyone individually. Thank those who accompanied you through life last year. After all, it is they, our companions, who are the essence of all life. And the fulfillment of the plan is not worth a price if there are no friends around, those whom you trust, whom you can rely on, whose fate you are not indifferent ... Those for whom you take off at night and rush to help, save, comfort ...

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For this, I think, and live. And everything else is a mirage, fog, glamor ... Although, on the other hand, what about without them? We are so used to them already. It would be like a Kid without Carlson, or like borscht without salt ... Like Paris without the Eiffel Tower, or like a naked herring ... without a fur coat. Life would be boring.

I personally think so.

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