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Why you should not do laser hair removal in the summer


Source: USA today

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Doctors say that people who have gone through laser hair removal and who want to show off their smooth legs or bikini line in the summer months can get into an unpleasant situation. Sunlight can cause unsightly discoloration on treated skin. He writes about it USA Today.

This effect after laser hair removal will not necessarily be at all, but for any type of laser there is a risk of skin pigmentation changes, that is, darkening or lightening. Matthew Schulman, a NYC certified plastic surgeon, talks about this. He notes that the likelihood of pigment changes during the summer months is much higher when people are less careful with the effects of sunlight on the skin.

“Summer is not the best time for laser hair removal because when the skin is exposed to the sun, the chances of pigmentation are much higher,” said Schulman.

In addition, laser hair removal is not recommended for everyone. According to Anna Chapas, a certified dermatologist, founder and medical director of laser dermatology Union Square, owners of lighter skin and dark thick hair will get the best result.

“Laser hair removal works on the contrast between dark hair and skin, so the greater the contrast between dark hair and skin, the better the laser light is absorbed by the hair follicle,” explains Chapas.

Chapas is estimated that hair discoloration occurs in less than 5% cases.
She said that patients who are worried about this should avoid sunburn, apply sunscreen and avoid contact with sunlight immediately after laser hair removal.
Schulman recommends getting another laser treatment or using topical creams for patients with discoloration from laser procedures, but skin can return to its previous state and even peel off.

He warns that you should be responsive to getting this service.

“Laser hair removal is done in many resorts, and not all specialists working with this type of service have a sufficient level of knowledge,” said Shulman.

Chapas is also confident that patients should clarify how trained a professional is and what type of laser they are dealing with.

“There are many places where laser hair removal is done. There are even home devices, but not all of them are effective, ”she said.
“You need to know whether the device is approved by the FDA and whether the person who performs the depilation is professional enough. It is imperative to discuss what to expect and whether side effects are possible. ”

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