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Why do our women consciously turn themselves into old women after 60 years


Source: "A little over 60" on Yandex.Zen

A couple of dozen years ago, women already considered themselves grandmothers at the age of 50, obliged to exclusively engage in everyday life, knit socks and feed all relatives with pancakes and pies. Time goes on, everything changes, and now many women in their 60s look so chic that their language doesn’t dare to call them grandmothers, the author of the channel writes. "A little over 60" on Yandex.Zen.

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Of course, there remained a category of women writing off themselves, consciously turning themselves into old women. They dress in dark hoodies and do not use makeup at all. Let's figure out why women at the age of 60 stop using cosmetics.

Let me tell you by the example of my neighbor: yes, she is no longer 25 years old and not even 40, but not 85. But she dresses like an old woman, even picks up shoes not at all for her age. Although my grandmother would not have shod this, she is still a fashionista. My neighbor is a beautiful loving wife, a wonderful mother and grandmother who devotes herself to the family. Although the majority of Russian women live like this.

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She doesn’t dye her hair at all, she is gray-haired, she doesn’t have a single gram of makeup on her, although she has very neat, beautiful features, and a good figure, but she hides her under long skirts and jackets. And I always, when I look at her, think: doesn’t she really want to do makeup, dye her hair and put on an elegant dress?

I think the whole thing is that she is primarily afraid of changes, extra views, does not want to waste her time on herself: it is better to bake another batch of pies. She is afraid and does not risk leaving this comfort zone, or maybe she just does not know how to use cosmetics and pick up clothes and is convinced that at her age it is too late to learn something.

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This woman is just 60 years old, and I think she would agree if a stylist worked with her? At least once, to show how beautiful she can be. And she is not an old woman, but a blossoming, beautiful woman.

I would like to wish all women that they have the opportunity and the desire to look wonderful at any age.

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