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Why husbands leave wives: 10 unexpected reasons


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When asked “why did you leave your wife,” men answer evasively. “She didn’t understand me,” “our marriage was a mistake,” or even “we didn’t agree.” What are the real reasons for the breakups?

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1. In the first place was psychological terror of his wifewho constantly “sawed”, “made demands”. The situation can have different nuances - from the wife, who, like a grumpy old woman, is always unhappy with everything, to the wife who eventually demands to get a job. But the essence is the same. Men move away from demands and obligations to where the situation is easier.

2. The second place was taken by cheating wife, or even unconfirmed suspicion of treason. Men are more sensitive to such things than women, and are not ready to put up with rivals. Although a woman in such a situation would be advised to lose weight, put on beautiful lingerie and try a new sexual attitude.

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3. It is important and regularity of sex life... Many men, directly or indirectly, divorced due to the wife's refusal to have sex or her lack of passion in bed matters. On the one hand, they can be understood: sex is a rather important component of life. On the other hand, all vapors are expected to be cooled to one degree or another. And now what to do with it?

4. Many men do not hide the fact that they left their spouse, because her appearance is not the same as in youth... Usually, the cause of changes in appearance is a dozen extra pounds, an ugly haircut, or even just the appearance of wrinkles, a loss of overall freshness. It is worth noting that men are usually much less critical of their appearance.

5. The reason surprised me - wife does not work. Many men are not ready to fulfill the role of breadwinner on their own and believe that their workload is excessive. We are talking, of course, about couples, where a man from the very beginning was against his non-working wife, realizing that he would not “pull”.

6. However, no one has canceled and female duties... The men admitted that they had to leave their spouse because she does not cook, does not do housework, and does not take sufficient care of him.

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7. Many couples living with the older generation also noted interference with the mother in law. If in the case of mother-in-law, the conflict can be smoothed out sooner or later, the mother-in-law is practically a guarantee of the destruction of the family unit. I do not know why.

8. A rather sad but common cause was wife's infertility... No matter how brave the men are that they do not need children at all, but in fact this is a lie. The vast majority of them are ready to divorce their wife if she cannot give birth to his child.

9. Most of all, such a reason as sick child... If women see it as their maternal duty to stay with their children to the end, then men most often leave. Here, in principle, there is nothing to comment on.

10. Well, the top ten are the divorces associated with disagreements. due to pet - and it happens. Usually it is about the fact that the husband demands to throw out the cat / dog or take it to a shelter. In addition, he sets a condition, they say, either I, or he. And the woman returns home with the cat - they do not betray their own.

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And although both sides are usually to blame for a divorce, these ten reasons got me thinking. Still, it is worth looking closely at men who are divorced so as not to get burned ...

What reasons, in your opinion, are valid, and what are just a consequence of selfishness?

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