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Why fashion superfoods are useless and how to replace them: life hacking from a biologist


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Incredible properties are attributed to these products. Do healthy food fans call goji berries and chia seeds the "elixir of immortality"? We understand the subject together with Irina Maltseva, a biologist, geneticist, a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM, USA), an expert of the PreventAge Lifestyle School course.

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What is superfood

Superfoods call vegetable products, the concentration of nutrients in which is extremely high. If you believe the Internet, they are almost a panacea for excess weight and various health problems. Although by and large this is not entirely true, writes Letidor.

And that's why. Please note that all well-known superfoods are exotic products. They are brought from distant countries and are quite expensive.

The story of the unique beneficial properties is a great legend, helping to sell this kind of product.

- Even if we assume that some kind of vitamin or any other substance can have certain radical effects on our body, imagine how much we need to eat these superfoods in order to get this wonderful component in the right amount. - Not even the most useful product will help you lose weight or improve your well-being by itself. Health and weight are directly dependent on a balanced diet, as well as compliance with the rules of a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, superfoods, rich in macro-and micronutrients valuable to the body, should be included in your diet. In this case, do not forget that it does not have to be some kind of "exotic."

Among the products we are used to there are a lot of super-useful ones.

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Fashion superfoods

But let's start with fashion superfoods. By the way, among them there really are products that should be tried by HLS followers.

Seeds of chia

This is a type of sage, eaten in the kitchens of the Mediterranean countries. Chia contain a lot of fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids and proteins. By this they resemble flax seeds.

Like any foods rich in fiber, chia seeds swell in the stomach and for a long time give a feeling of satiety. This, in turn, helps reduce appetite. But it is worth noting that to achieve this effect, you need to eat quite a lot of seeds!

Chia can be considered as one of the options for a healthy snack that provides a feeling of satiety for a long time.

Goji berries

Already not as popular as before, which, in fact, it is not surprising. This berry came to us from the USA. It is assumed that goji berries contain countless antioxidants, but even in an ordinary apple or cup of wild berries there are more than a few glasses of goji juice.


The fashion for this cereal came to us a couple of years ago, when they actively began to discuss the insecurity for the health of the gluten protein contained in various cereals. Indeed, in quinoa this protein is not present, but there are other proteins in sufficiently large quantities, as in buckwheat or beans.

According to the nutritional value of quinoa loses buckwheat! Buckwheat contains much more vitamins and microelements.

In general, for a variety of quinoa may be present in the diet, but the seeds do not taste very good and are usually used as an additive to vegetables.

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Coconut milk, butter or cream

The fashion for these products came to us with a love for Asian cuisine and the popularization of ketodiets. We can say that they are all extremely useful. Coconut contains medium chain triglycerides that help improve the breakdown and elimination of fat. So, if you lose weight, feel free to include them in the diet.

In principle, if you at least partially replace cow's milk with coconut milk, then at least you will be less sick.
Coconut contains caprylic acid. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to better deal with viral infections.

Dried black beans

The product is originally from China. It contains a lot of protein, for which all legumes are valued, and fiber is the main food of beneficial bacteria found in our small intestines.

Dried soybeans are also distinguished by a special method of drying and fermentation, which allow reducing the content of phytic acid in beans.

Because of the content of this substance in legumes, nutritionists recommend limiting the use of these products. The fact is that phytic acid prevents the absorption of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, and in high concentrations can cause the development of irritable bowel syndrome.

In the case of dried black beans this can not be afraid!

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