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Why mother of many children Elizabeth II hid the pregnancy every time


Source: "Royal Life" on Yandex.Zen

Elizabeth II has four children, but her “interesting position” has always been shrouded in mystery. Restrained in showing affection, the queen did not make public statements about her pregnancies and you are unlikely to find photos of the queen with a rounded belly, reminds the author of the channel "Royal Life" on Yandex.Zen.

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Elizabeth II is respected all over the world. Her Majesty is very careful in observing the protocols of the British monarchy. The longest reigning monarch in the world has always been aware of her high position in society. Even as a child, she confused important people with her behavior and talent. Secretive, restrained, according to many even "cold", she made herself known to the world as a person who never shows her feelings in public.

Elizabeth II completely subordinated herself to the service of the state, relegating her family to the background. It got to the point that she spent only an hour a day with her children, "squeezing" them into a busy schedule full of responsibilities. The children had to first make an appointment with their mother to spend some time with her in their own home. It was said in the UK that she spent more time with her dogs than with her own children.

She carefully hid every pregnancy from the world. On the Internet and in the archival British press, you will not find a photo of the queen with a voluminous pregnant belly. Buckingham Palace usually published concise information about the pregnancy of the head of state. Each time she disappeared from public life, hiding until the birth itself. Why did she do this?

Royals have proudly demonstrated their "interesting position" for years. We all remember the behavior of Princess Diana, who, in anticipation of the birth of William, and then Harry, performed the duties of Princess of Wales, while leading a normal life, preparing for the role of a mother. Lady Dee went shopping at Harrods, usually accompanied by a garland of paparazzi, proudly displayed her growing forms on formal walks, and without hesitation spoke of complaints. Also, she was not going to hide that she tried to commit suicide while pregnant with William, throwing herself down the stairs. All this to attract the attention of the unfaithful husband.

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In the end, breaking all previous rules, she refused to give birth at home like her predecessors and decided that her sons would be born in a London hospital. It was Diana who initiated the "fashion" for acquaintance with the world of newborn family members immediately after childbirth, posing in front of the door of the institution. Later she was imitated by Sarah Ferguson, Countess Sophie and Kate Middleton, who, a few hours after giving birth, showed themselves in all their glory to photojournalists with babies in their arms. Elizabeth II never took such extravagant steps. She chose seclusion each time, locking herself in Buckingham Palace while she was pregnant.

Each time Elizabeth II gave birth in solitude. When Prince Charles was due to be born in 1948, a dry announcement appeared in the press: "Her Royal Highness (then - editor's note) Princess Elizabeth will not make any public commitments from the end of June." Since then, no one has seen the British monarch for the next few months.

After 30 hours of childbirth, which took place in the chambers of Buckingham Palace, the heir to the throne was born. Prince Philip, like most men of his time, was not with his wife when she gave birth. At that time, he was busy playing squash, and when they told him that he had a son, he first went for a swim, and only then visited Queen Elizabeth II. When he first saw Charles, he said, "Looks like a plum pudding."

Shortly thereafter, the palace again issued a dry message announcing the birth of the future king of Great Britain.

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All of the children of Elizabeth II were born under similar circumstances. However, with the rest, it happened at Clarence House, a few hundred meters from the then restored palace. It was during the birth of her youngest son, Prince Edward, that the 37-year-old queen asked her husband to attend the birth. So Philip meekly stayed with his wife, holding her hand. Thus, he became the first father in the British royal family to witness the birth of his child.

Photographing the monarch's pregnancy was considered extremely inappropriate. The first photographs of the queen with children appeared only after their baptism. It was then that the world got the opportunity to meet the descendants of the Windsor.

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