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Why moms should not smear themselves with baby cream


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Classic children's cream has the most simple composition, developed five decades ago. The main ingredients are lanolin, natural plant extracts, oils, glycerin. In the domestic cream you will not find parabens, formaldehyde and other preservatives and toxic substances.

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Women with sensitive skin, allergies and advocates of "natural cosmetics" believe that there is nothing better than baby cream to preserve freshness, tenderness and youthful skin, writes Clever. You can not worry that there will be allergies or under the influence of preservatives will develop over time melanoma. But not everything is as simple as we would like.

Withering effect

Children's cream is called children's cream because it was created for the most vulnerable members of society who need to be cared for. It is necessary to apply only a drop of such a product on the face, without even rubbing it, as the skin immediately becomes softened and velvety, like a barely ripe peach. Once having taken pleasure in this effect, many ladies enter a children's cream in the list of daily cosmetic means and use it always.

However, their main mistake is to unconditionally trust the quality of the product. In fact, petrolatum, lanolin and glycerin create an airtight film on the surface of the epidermis, as if the face was covered with a plastic bag.

Such protection is suitable only for the child. Skin cells in young children very quickly divide, and the sebaceous glands are not as active as in an adult. As a result, their skin forms a too thin protective layer to withstand the attack of bacteria. And a film of vaseline or lanolin for them is what you need.

For adults, this method does not work. Children's cream seals the pores, does not allow the skin to breathe properly, self-clean and creates a greenhouse effect on its surface. It simply draws moisture from the deep layers of the dermis, leaving a deceptive impression of freshness and softness.

Prolonged use of baby cream by an adult woman will lead to premature aging of her skin and the formation of deep wrinkles. Overdried skin will lose elasticity, and no cream will correct the situation.

Natural and artificial ingredients

Many believe that there is no chemistry at all in the composition of baby cream, only natural oils, fats and extracts from plants. It's a delusion. Petroleum jelly - 100 percent product of the chemical industry. It is produced by mixing ceresin and paraffin, which are the result of distillation of fuel oil and other petroleum products.

Glycerin is another “gift” of inventive chemists. Most of it is produced from propylene, a complex chemical compound that belongs to the fourth hazard class. Propylene oxide is used to produce fuels, preservatives, plastics. So glycerin and petrolatum only seem to be safe and natural.

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And even lanolin - the natural fat produced during the digestion of animal hair, is not as simple as everyone used to think. It contains powerful allergens that provoke lacrimation, congestion in the throat and irritation of the skin in people who are sensitive to these components.

Acne, redness and other "charms"

Another negative factor in baby cream is the ability to enhance inflammation in adults. Since babies do not yet have such hormonal activity as older ones, there is simply no acne rash. Puberty brings many changes, including the effect on the skin.

The sebaceous glands begin to work much more actively. Sebum and dead cells of the epidermis are mixed, forming a certain surface layer. It protects, but at the same time is a risk factor. If you cover the skin with a film of vaseline or glycerin, you get a real "shell", under which bacteria that feed on skin fat actively proliferate. In the end - acne, irritation, allergic reactions.

Baby cream may seem effective, but only after two or three times use. With long-term use, it gives the result exactly the opposite of what was expected. A woman dreams of having a delicate and elastic skin, and gets dried up, pimply, prematurely aged.

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