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Why overweight prevents us from earning more

Alla Tsvetkova



What makes a person successful and confident? The feeling of inner comfort is born as a result of the interaction of many factors, and one of the most important components of satisfaction is normal health. A healthy person has a much greater margin of strength to perform tasks in work, in family life or partnerships, which means he is more successful and secured. Unfortunately, at present, few people can boast an ideal state of health, and it is important to bear in mind that many of the disorders result from overweight.


Obesity is not only an organic disease, it also adversely affects a person’s psychological state.

How does the appearance affect the internal feeling of comfort and financial condition?

Constant dissatisfaction with one’s own appearance gives rise to complexes in a person, making him insecure and anxious. And this inevitably entails a loss of efficiency, which will manifest an elementary reluctance to work, and hence a deterioration in financial condition. A person who is satisfied with his reflection in the mirror feels much more confident. This is reflected in all areas of his life. In his work, it is easier for him to make new contacts and to arouse the sympathy of others, he has the strength for new ideas and their implementation. The energy reserve is not spent on a constant search for ways to lose weight, but is sent to a more productive channel, which, again, becomes an additional source of increased earnings.

Speaking about employment, it is important to remember that the employer in most cases consciously or subconsciously takes into account the appearance of candidates for the proposed place. If before a manager there is a choice between the two, which is equivalent to the level of competence of specialists, then in most cases the place will get a more attractive externally applicant.

What can indicate overweight?

First of all, the employer is concerned that the tasks assigned to the employee are carried out qualitatively. A person who is not able to take care of himself, as evidenced by the presence of excess weight, is unlikely to cause trust and a desire to give him work. It is also known that obese people are sick more often, and hence their productivity is lower.

Another important aspect of recruitment is the assessment of confidence and ability to apply yourself at the interview. It is easy to guess that a person with overweight has a huge number of complexes that prevent him from fully demonstrating his potential, in contrast to a competitor satisfied with his appearance.

If we analyze the effectiveness of an employee who is overweight, then we cannot ignore the fact that he is not working at full strength. This happens for several reasons. The first of these is elementary quick fatigue due to a weakened organism, and the second is the focus of attention on minor personal problems, in this case, the search for means for losing weight, new diets, etc.

So why is overweight dangerous for the body?

First of all, you need to take into account that overweight affects not only the psychological state of a person, but also the efficiency of the whole organism. Each system of organs in one degree or another is experiencing the detrimental effect of overweight and over time this leads to quite serious violations.

The cardiovascular system. With excessive fat deposition, the heart muscle gradually regenerates, the contractility of the myocardium decreases, and as a result, the blood circulation slows down significantly. The vessels also undergo changes, since with an increased amount of cholesterol and blood lipids, which often accompanies obesity, atherosclerotic damage occurs to their walls. They become fragile, less resilient and, ultimately, lose the ability to fully perform their functions. The combination of these processes causes hypertension.

As manifested at work: arrhythmia, shortness of breath, dizziness, excessive sweating, as a result of a decrease in performance by 50-100%.

Respiratory system. The lungs are closely connected with the cardiovascular system by a separate small circle of blood circulation. The greater the body weight, the stronger the heart has to contract in order to deliver blood to all tissues of the body, and the more pressure is put on the lungs, because it is in them that the blood is oxygenated (saturated with oxygen and released from carbon dioxide).

As manifested at work: shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, migraine headaches, coughing attacks and asthma attacks, resulting in a decrease in working capacity to 100%.

Musculoskeletal system. Bones and joints normally support a person’s weight. But in case of violation of the weight-weight ratio in the direction of weight, they experience inadequate load. This leads to premature wear of the articular surfaces, weakening of muscles and ligaments, frequent inflammatory processes and pain.

Performance significantly decreases due to the feeling of constant fatigue.

Endocrine system. Hormones are conductors of all processes in our body, including metabolic ones. This means that the deposition of fat will certainly affect the work of all glands. This mainly concerns the pancreas. Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for the onset of type 2 diabetes, so it is very important for people who are overweight to monitor their blood glucose levels.

Sexual system. Fat - the main depot of sex hormones. But this, unfortunately, does not mean that their increased concentration makes us more attractive. Just the opposite. Shifts in hormonal levels can lead to women in menstrual disorders, problems with conception and carrying a child, and in men overweight is a clear signal that he has more or less severe erectile dysfunction.

The efficiency drops significantly due to depressions, mood swings, headaches.

Gastrointestinal tract. If we take into account those cases of obesity that have arisen from chronic overeating, then all changes in the body begin exactly with the digestive tract. The dull feeling of satiety due to the constant excess of the norm of volume and caloric intake leads to the fact that a person is constantly experiencing hunger, further increases the volume of food and continues to gain weight.

All these changes make the body more vulnerable to other diseases, and any pathological conditions require treatment. As a result, an overweight person not only loses a significant part of his earnings because of his physical inability to withstand a normal rhythm of life, but also receives an extra waste of money - a huge amount of medicines to combat hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, hormonal disorders and many other diseases. .

Being healthy is not only pleasant, but also beneficial. It is never too late to stop living an unhealthy lifestyle and restore or at least improve the current state. Proper nutrition and normalization of motor activity are the first points in any program of recovery, and it is not so difficult. It is much more pleasant to spend money on the purchase of beautiful beautiful clothes and trips to a beautician, to invest them in pleasure for yourself than on long-term schemes of treatment and rehabilitation after diseases that have arisen due to a disrespectful attitude to your own body.

Psychological status and satisfaction with their appearance is directly related to the ability to earn money, and a healthy body, in turn, is the best investment. Therefore, take care of your body, because it is he who represents the greatest value, and his adequate work is the key to success in all spheres of life.

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