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Why Laima Vaikule refused surrogate motherhood and who will leave an inheritance


Source: 7 Days

How often after the departure of artists from the life begins a wave of dirty scandals about the division of property? Laima Vaikule decided to decide in advance on who exactly would get her multi-million dollar inheritance one day.


The singer said that the only heir to the state is her beloved Andrei Latkovsky, writes 7 Days.

Lyme's testament has not yet written, but she is going to do it as soon as possible. “I did not rewrite the property to anyone. Actually all of it. There is not even talk. But in fact, a good idea about the will, and then it will start ... ", - said Vaikule on the set of the show" Live ".

Lyme and Andrew live together in 1978 year. The couple has no children and it looks like they will not be. The young singer interrupted the pregnancy twice and after that she could not get pregnant.

From the idea of ​​becoming a mother with the help of surrogate motherhood Lyme refused. Although she has before her eyes an example of the ideal family of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with her children Liza and Harry, who were born this way, she does not want to repeat this experience.

“This is not my destiny,” Vaikule said about surrogate motherhood.

Laima gives his love to a common-law husband and two pets - Emmy and Butch Bulldogs.

The singer treats them like children: often pampers and plays with them. In addition, she has a godmother, Monique Yvon, granddaughter of Raymond Pauls.

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