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Why does the skin on the elbows become dry and how to fix it


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Previously, the skin on the elbows did not bring you any discomfort, but now it has become dry, like sandpaper? There are many factors that could trigger this. We identified several possible causes and prepared the rules to be followed in order to get rid of dryness and make the skin soft.

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The skin on the elbows is different from that on other parts of the body. The thing is that there are almost no sebaceous glands on it, the secret of which helps protect it from moisture loss, writes Fabiosa. Without it, the skin can flake and even crack. Also, the skin on the elbows is in constant motion, so over time it stretches and coarsens. Therefore, this area needs special care.

How to return the elbows their natural softness

1. Pay attention to how you take a shower

Dry elbows can be the result of staying too long in water, especially hot and chlorinated. For washing, choose products from PH from 4 to 6. Means are also suitable, for example, with lactic acid in the composition.

2. Choose the right moisturizing

After each shower or bath you should put the cream on your elbows. Also, do not forget to do this every time they are exposed to water or when the temperature changes abruptly. Very good, if the composition of the cream or lotion will be olive, coconut, shea or cocoa butter.

3. Take a look at your clothes

If the skin on your elbows has become dry, remember if you wore new clothes. If you have sensitive skin, some tissue may cause irritation and lead to dryness.

4. Protect your skin from negative environmental factors

Dress according to the weather and apply sunscreen when you go outside in the hot season.

5. Make a soft peeling or light massage with a brush.

Peel or massage with a dry brush once a week if you do not have skin diseases.

6. Eat right

Be sure to include in the diet foods containing vitamins A and E, biotin, zinc. The skin will thank you!

When to see a doctor

If you carry out all the items from the list above, then the dry skin on the elbows should disappear. But if all else fails, you should consult a doctor. Perhaps dryness is a sign of more serious health problems. For example, you may have a hormonal failure, diabetes, anemia, eczema, or psoriasis. The diagnosis can only be made by a specialist.

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