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Why the queen severely limits the diet Megan Markle


Source: Instyle

What sounds more seductive: passionate, mutual, eternal love? Or the opportunity to have everything you want? We would have chosen the latter, but for Megan Markle, things are not so simple.


Yes, the newly-made Duchess of Sussex must observe a very peculiar code of rules - and they relate not only to clothing, but also to food, writes Instyle... For example, Megan, like the rest of the royal “relatives”, is prohibited from eating garlic at events, not only because Queen Elizabeth does not like it, but also for a more obvious reason: bad breath. In addition, they should all not eat shellfish so that sudden poisoning does not interrupt a trip or an important meeting, says Royal Chef Darren McGrady.

Markle previously bragged about her love for "Filipino chicken adobo" - a dish that contains a lot of garlic. Fortunately for her, the rule only applies when traveling, and at home she can eat whatever she wants. But the queen's dislike for certain foods extends beyond garlic. Cheat sheet says that Elizabeth II is not eating yet.

1. Bow

And at public events, like garlic, onions are also not recommended for all members of the royal family, because of its characteristic smell. The chef says that no dish is served with a lot of onions or even a hint of garlic.

2. Meat with blood

Queen Elizabeth is very picky about the level of roasting steak. She avoids meat with blood, preferring a well-done piece. Her Majesty's well-done steak complements with vegetables or spinach.

3. Sweet tea

The queen does not use sweeteners and does not add sugar to tea, but she never refuses milk.

4. Bread crust

Although Her Majesty will certainly eat sandwiches for tea, she prefers sandwiches without a crust. According to Reader's Digest, the Queen loves tuna sandwiches, the bread in which is smeared with mayonnaise on both sides, served with thin slices of cucumber and a pinch of pepper.

5. White eggs

The Queen loves eggs and starts with this product every day. But not white, she likes eggs with brown shells better - Her Majesty finds their taste more intense. On Christmas Day, the queen loves the salmon and truffle omelet.

6. Non-season fruits

Elizabeth will not touch such fruits. The chef says: “You can send her strawberries to the country residence all summer and she won't say a word. But try to do it in January - he will return everything to the berry and say that you “dared to send genetically modified berries”.

7. Bananas "out of hand"

Taking a banana in your hand, peeling and eating - anyone can do this, but not the queen. Her Majesty prefers to use a fork and knife to cut off the top and bottom of the banana, then remove the peel, cut the banana into pieces and eat with a fork.

8. Pasta

The queen avoids starchy foods - so you won't find her over a plate of pasta. Instead, she chooses a large salad and grilled chicken or fish for lunch, according to the chef.

9. Potato

This vegetable has also fallen out of favor with too much starch. While fries are one of Meghan Markle's favorites, don't expect the queen to eat fries of any kind.

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