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Why do hysterics lose weight badly and age faster?

Anna Garnets

Fitness trainer, author of HitFit weight loss method



I will be frank, this topic is close to me not only from my experience in working with clients.

Previously, 10-15 years ago, when fitness was just a word and meant nothing to me, I went through different stages of personal development and often failed.

This made me very sad, and when it came to the figure, there was a complete failure.

To be more precise, my impulsive character was a frequent culprit in the fluctuations in the numbers on the scales.


It seemed to me that this happens only with me, and the girlfriends are just witches, because they eat as much as they like and don’t gain weight. It depressed me, and I rushed from method to method to become slimmer, and then completely stopped all attempts and just lived, well, and swelled accordingly.

In my mind, it has firmly settled down that to relax and just live - this means you can eat, a lot and indiscriminately, then suddenly come to your senses when looking in the mirror, wake up from the fog in my head and start hating yourself and losing weight again.

This has always been complemented by terrible tantrums and reflected on everyone around.

Today, when all this is in the distant past, and more than 200 people have gone through my transformation program, I can clearly say that there are many of us and you can call us in one simple but understandable word - hysterical.

I will not refer to the classic definitions of personality types, just try to describe a girl with characteristic features and suggest several ways for those who recognize themselves, how to learn to control themselves, how to protect themselves from breakdowns and injuries and what causes drastic changes in mood and weight.


A small test (just answer yes or no)

  1. You tried all types of diets, especially in love with extreme and hungry, ready to endure the torment, as you firmly believe that this is the truth of losing weight.
  2. You are an expert, usually in all areas of life, and your opinion and beliefs are the truth.
  3. You have definitely tried to do the most stringent procedures for cleansing the body, because you yourself have determined that the level of slagging is critical.
  4. Daily weighing is your special ritual, and every gram of excess water will always be perceived as fat, which is naturally accompanied by hysteria.
  5. There is always some kind of “trick” in food - it can be aversion to ordinary foods and a passionate attachment to food, which dramatically lifts your mood and, at the same time, the arrow on the scales.
  6. Breaks and blinders do not happen often, but if you’ve already failed, you sweep everything away without a feeling of satiety and shame. This usually happens after extreme diets that bring results, because the body simply has nowhere to go.
  1. You are so demanding on yourself that even when you look perfect, you will always find a minus in your appearance and you will suffer over it.
  2. You always compare yourself (with others, with photos on social networks, with yourself in the past) and you always find in yourself huge drawbacks with which you begin to fight by any means.
  3. When you look in the mirror, you see your faults first. It spoils your mood and does not allow you to see your virtues.
  4. You have a feeling that you are not working out and are not strict enough to yourself.

If you have four or more YES , congratulations - you're on our hysterical team.

Hysterical and fitness:

As soon as the heroine of my story penetrates the life of the sport, she takes on it with such dedication, as if it were a preparation for the Olympiad.

This is her salvation and the fact that it can even ground her a little and calm her down.

Recognizing a hysterical one, specifying the experience in fitness: over the years, she will destroy her knees from a variety of workouts on a step platform, will have several problems with the musculoskeletal system after working hard in the gym, tell an entertaining story about a fall from a treadmill during the morning hungry cardio and even Pilates, yoga and dancing will be a temporary hobby for her.

Rushing from one extreme to the other, she will never find her Zen, because every time she will be restless and unhappy with the result.


What are dangerous weight gains and the lack of a stable mode:

Every year it will be more difficult to keep a stable weight, why is this happening?

Years before 20 you can allow yourself to experiment with weight gain and weight gain. The body responds well to a regime change and easily gives off extra pounds.

From 20 to 30 for years, the process becomes not so easy, the skin is no longer so well restored, deviations from the mode are more noticeable and remain deposits on problem areas longer.

After 30, processes slow down significantly every year, and it is already becoming clear that fooling yourself will not work.

For most women, this process can occur slowly and imperceptibly, but not at the hysteric.

Experiencing constant stress and dissatisfaction with oneself, it is very difficult to maintain a stable weight, and each new breakdown can add an imperceptible 0.5 - 1 kg.

Also, excessive physical exertion until loss of consciousness, which helps to alleviate the conscience, causes overwork, increased appetite and introduces the body into a state of stress. It is possible to achieve the ideal form with this method, but the organism will not allow to be constantly in such a rhythm.

At one point, he will lay down with the disease or turn on the self-preservation mode, and then the thought of training will give way to his legs.

Naturally, in this case, the energy consumption will decrease and the body will again save itself pounds in defense against the crazy hostess.

I want to pay special attention to diets and “miracle methods”.

Uncontrolled fasting, protein diets, the use of diuretics and laxatives, fat burners and miracle pills (yes, yes, imagine that there are still those who order diet pills on the Internet and receive a mixture of psychotropic substances, from which they stop not only eating, but and sleep, and in extreme cases live) - has a temporary result, and the payment for this result is health.

All these methods deplete the body, each in its own way: the loss of important microelements, disruption of the heart and internal organs, aging and wilting of the skin, hair loss, brittle nails, hormonal disruptions, amenorrhea, problems with the gastrointestinal tract are just a part of the side effects from uncontrolled and dangerous methods used by hysterics in the hope of losing weight quickly and easily.

How you can help yourself:

No matter how trite it may sound, but the first and main point is self-love.

But to really accept and love yourself before every cell is very difficult, especially considering the prevailing negative beliefs about yourself.

Your actions:

Get yourself a little notebook and write out all the negative thoughts about yourself in one column, and in the second opposite to each statement the opposite positive meaning.

Re-read positive statements at least once a day. No matter how primitive it may sound, but in order to replace the negative that has formed over the years, we need a system and time.

Every night before bed, remember the three good events that happened to you during the day. It will help you to stop eating yourself mentally for what you have done, said or did not do, and will also ensure a good mood after waking up.

Praise yourself! Praise for everything and even for the mistakes, they are also experience. You will get used to kind words from yourself and begin to receive them from outside.


You have already realized that it will not be possible to lose weight quickly, but with the help of the correct mode and selection of products you can always be in good shape without disruption and hysteria.


Your actions:

Define your calorie intake.

Set your schedule for taking food and water (perhaps for the first time you'll need alarm clocks).

Write out your favorite products and search the Internet for tasty and healthy recipes.

Try to enjoy food.

If you are used to the fact that having fun, relaxing, or meeting friends is necessarily a breakdown in food and alcohol, try to rethink the situation. Friends are for communication, rest is for impressions and new emotions, and food is fuel and nothing more.

Highlight the day for breaking and allow yourself once a week your favorite harmful dessert and latte, but do not scold yourself, just enjoy the taste.

Do not expect a quick result, listen to the body, and if it answers with ease, then you are on the right track.

Training mode:

You must understand that exercise is just an addition to proper nutrition.

This is not only an hour allotted for jumping or gym, but any physical activity that makes your heart beat faster and you feel positive emotions.

Your actions:

It is necessary to find the optimal type of fitness and load, which will give not only beauty to your body, but also a surge of strength.

Perhaps your temperament requires hard and exhausting workouts to leave all emotions there in order to avoid hysteria, then look for a competent trainer who will protect you from injury and stop you from making mistakes.

Exercise regularly and forget about seasonality, it should be the same ritual as brushing your teeth or washing.


Much of this text may seem too flashy, and the term itself hysterical - somewhat offensive, but I know that this text will be read by those who find a piece of themselves, and perhaps this will help them avoid mistakes and love themselves and their body.

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