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Why foreigners don't know how to cook 'Russian salad' and consider it tasteless


Source: Rambler

“Why are Russians so fond of Russian potato salad? It's not tasty! ”- foreigners are often surprised. But they attribute this to the allegedly existing irrational passion of Russians for potatoes in general and any potato dishes.

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However, in fact, everything is easier, notes Rambler... The famous salad "Olivier", which in the West is called "Russian", is simply not cooked correctly by foreign chefs!

Missing ingredient

As you know, there are 4 main tastes: salty, sour, sweet and bitter. Sometimes the “fifth taste” is also distinguished - spicy.

National cuisines tend to gravitate towards one or two main tastes. In Russia, many dishes are built around a "salty" taste - this is probably due to the canning method preferred in ancient Russia.

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In contrast, many Western cuisines prefer sweet or sour foods. Therefore, abroad it is almost impossible to find such an important ingredient for "Olivier" as pickles.

Pickled, which many are trying to replace pickles, are not suitable. Despite the seeming simplicity of the Olivier recipe, the salad is quite complex, consisting of many ingredients that require harmonious fusion.

The manner in which foreign chefs pass off a mishmash of potatoes, boiled carrots and canned peas as a “Russian salad” means that this fine Russian dish does not receive due recognition.

Do you like this salad? How to cook it in exile?

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