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Why immigrants from post-Soviet countries don't drink American milk


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In America, 99% of the "milk" on the shelves is not real milk, but an artificial product that should not be consumed, writes the author of the blog "America under the microscope" on Yandex Zen.

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Milk is considered the "national drink" in the States. Here every second person drinks it every day, but personally I do not belong to them and now I will explain why.

Let's start with the prices. A liter of milk in the states costs $ 1,2-2. From 80 to 150 rubles, but in such a volume it is quite difficult to find it. Mostly milk is sold in gallons of 4-5 liters for 4-7 dollars (300-500 rubles).

In America, there are dozens of types of milk - skim, special supposedly dietary, non-perishable and, of course, with additives of different tastes. But real homemade milk is sold only in farmers' markets, in stores - this is more of a marketing ploy.

Most Americans prefer to buy a few gallons of non-perishable milk per week. They drink it just like that with sweets, add it to coffee, and for Christmas they make a special drink called eggnog - from raw eggs, a bunch of sugar, additives to taste and of course milk. It looks like our eggnog, but a little different.

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I personally like only one type of American milk. It's called Whole Milk and tastes like ours the most. The rest is somehow sweet, sugary, and many of our immigrants are irritated by its taste, since it is absolutely unlike what we drink in our homeland.

And I generally do not recommend buying "non-perishable milk" without expiration dates, since it is more expensive and there is little natural in it. By the way, most brands of such milk are prohibited for sale outside the United States due to the dubious composition. Simply put - there is only one name from milk, but Americans like it.

Original column published on the blog. "America under the microscope" on Yandex Zen.

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