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Why do Hollywood parents make boys of girls and sons dress up in dresses


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Some parents in the West dress their daughters like boys and vice versa, claiming that their children are transgender. And increasingly, hormone therapy is used to change sex. Whether such actions are legal, found out RIA News.

Pitt and Jolie's daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt is in the center. Photo: Depositphotos

Tights and fluffy dresses for boys

“Of course, I am still a child, but I understand perfectly well that I am not a girl, but a boy,” a 12-year-old American sixth grader who asked to be called Jack was Sophia a couple of years ago. She is now undergoing hormonal therapy.

There are many similar stories in the American press. For example, a Texas resident considers her six-year-old son James to be a girl, dresses in dresses, calls Luna and insists on a speedy sex change operation. The father, however, categorically disagrees. As a result, James’s mother accused her husband of not being able to recognize the child as a transgender, and the court took her side. Now she wants the boy's father to pay for expensive hormone therapy, and then surgery, which will turn his son into a daughter.

Among Americans there is a perception that everything is a tribute to fashion, which was introduced by Hollywood stars. Increasingly, celebrity children prefer clothes and hairstyles unusual for their sex. So, the actress Charlize Theron has repeatedly demonstrated that she is not worried about public opinion and criticism of fans: she gives her son Jackson complete freedom in choosing a wardrobe. Usually he prefers leggings and fluffy dresses of bright color.

They love to experiment with looks, flaunting in women's clothes, the son of the singer Adel Angelo and the son of Gwen Stefani Kingston. Not far behind them is one of the sons of actress Megan Fox, although Megan herself grew up in a rather conservative family and was brought up in strictness.

However, if here, according to American journalists, much is being done for fun, then the situation with the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - Shilo Nouvel - is much more serious. At the age of three, a girl with an angelic appearance admitted to her parents that she felt like a boy and asked to call herself John. When one of her relatives out of habit called her “Shiloh,” she would throw up scandals.

After consulting with doctors and psychologists, the parents decided to support their daughter: they started buying clothes for boys and making short haircuts. Pitt and Jolie were reproached for this, but they explained to others that “this is a personal choice of their daughter and they cannot hinder her”.

Shiloh still dresses like her brothers and wears boyish haircuts. Recently, the media reported that a child with 12 years takes male hormones. Official confirmation has not yet followed, but no one would be surprised if this turns out to be true.

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The sooner the better

According to statistics in the US, 1,4 million adults and 150 thousands of teenagers consider themselves transgender. The number of transgender children is not specified. It is only known that, for example, in one area of ​​the San Francisco Bay, where 8 millions of people live, 550 children undergo hormone therapy in a special clinic.

Serious debates about the age at which this can be done have developed in the country. Previously, adolescents were allowed hormone therapy with 16 years and only with the consent of the parents. But last September in California, the AB 2119 Act was passed, allowing the use of hormone therapy from 12 years, and this no longer requires parental approval. From the state budget allocated the necessary funds. Hospitals rewrite instructions and rules.

The authorities cite doctors who believe that "the sooner hormone therapy is applied, the less expensive surgeries will have to be done in the future." “If girls have already gone through puberty, then their breasts have formed, and young people have an Adam's apple, their voice has become low, and facial hair has appeared. These physical changes are difficult to reverse, ”explained a doctor at a hospital in San Francisco in an interview with NBC.

Also cites data from the Williams Institute UCLA that transgender children are more prone to suicide. However, when parents support their choices and do not try to interfere, children can avoid depression.

Other experts object. For example, The American College of Pediatricians actively oppose California law, citing the following statistics: 88 percent of girls and 98 percent of boys suffering from so-called gender dysphoria (when the internal feeling of sex does not coincide with the physical), by 18-19 years reconcile themselves to the situation, without resorting to either hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery. In addition, hormones and especially surgical interventions can cause irreparable harm to health. Side effects include heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, diabetes, cancer.

No military service

In Europe, the situation is similar. In the UK, for example, adolescents were allowed to apply for hormone therapy in 16 years, but now more and more doctors are referring to procedures already with 12. Moreover, the so-called puberty blockers sometimes can be set even at the age of nine.

Australia has stricter laws. Until December, 2017 for hormone therapy required not only the consent of the parents, but also a special court decision, which sometimes had to wait several years.

In Russia, hormone therapy for transgender people can be prescribed from the age of 18. For this, it is necessary that a psychiatrist, as a result of a long examination, diagnoses “transsexualism”. Observations last from a month to two years. Then a special commission of doctors, consisting of a psychiatrist, psychologist and sexologist, issues a referral for medical sex reassignment and change of documents. All procedures are paid by the patient.

In the United States under President Barack Obama, transsexuals were allowed to serve in the army, and in August 2015 took the first transgender woman to work in the White House. However, the administration of Donald Trump legalized only two sexes and complicated the admission to the army for transgender people. Only those who have not changed their sex in the last three years can serve.

Many Americans are outraged by the government circular, which details how transgender people should serve. The point regarding underwear that they have to wear has caused particular indignation.

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