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Why did Elizabeth II choose the poorest prince throughout Europe


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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is constantly in the shadow of his great consort Elizabeth II. Recalling how he looked before meeting the queen is very difficult: the couple has been living in love and harmony for more than 73 years. However, the events in the life of a prince would be enough for a dozen films or adventure novels.

Photo: Shutterstock decided to find out what he is, Prince Philip. It turned out that Indiana Jones himself would have envied his biography.

The story of a prince who does not have his own country

Philip Mountbetten was born on Corfu in 1921 year. Philip's family belonged to the royal clan. However, he did not see the throne: Philip's father was the 6 child in a large Greek-Danish dynasty, so the son got just beautiful titles - the prince of Greece and the Danish. Who then would have thought that the boy was destined to become a member of the most powerful dynasty on the other side of the world?

In 1922, the Greeks overthrew the king, and all members of the crowned clan sensibly decided to flee. Parents brought Philip and his sisters in an atmosphere of strict secrecy: baby cradles hid in boxes of fruit. So began the wanderings of the little prince.

A homeless family sheltered relative from Paris. But Philip did not stay in France for long. His parents broke up. His father fled to Monte Carlo, where he began to squander the remains of the marital status. And the mother, Princess Alice, did not bear the shame - she lost her mind and was placed in a closed boarding house. The children had to return to the UK to see their relatives, who kindly agreed to shelter the little ones.

The sisters were sent to relatives, and Philip was sent to a boarding school in London. It was an institution of the Spartan type for boys: the students got up before dawn, played a lot of sports, and pounded for misdemeanors.

What to do if the future queen falls in love with you

Without money in the UK, Philip had no bright prospects, so the young man decided to go to the military. In 1939, the future husband of the queen entered the Naval College and even received the title of the best cadet. But outside of college, Philip was not a good boy: he was entrusted with the glory of a hanging and a lover of loud parties.

It is said that kings and queens cannot choose their lovers. However, Elizabeth, then still quite a girl, saw Philip at the wedding of relatives and decided to marry him. Lillibet (so close was the name of the future queen) was 13, and Philippe was 18.

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People who know the queen well say that Elizabeth's character is stronger than a hot iron, and if she has decided that, then it will be forever. Needless to say, Lillibeth's parents were not thrilled with their daughter's first love? A beggar prince without a surname (the title was taken away after fleeing from Greece), but with an idle father and a crazy mother. It was difficult to come up with the worst game for the future queen.

When World War II began, Philip was among the first to go to the front: he participated in battles, parachuted into Sicily and received several military awards. During the service, Philip and Elizabeth did not see each other, but they actively corresponded. The lovers secretly exchanged messages in order not to anger the strict parents of Lillibet.

Photo: video frame YouTube / British Pathé

By the end of the war, Philip could boast the title of the youngest officer of the Royal Navy. He returned to Britain as a hero, graduated from college and went to King George VI in 1946 to request the hand of Elizabeth.

To marry the future queen, Philip renounced all his titles and took the surname of Mountbatten's mother. And he also changed his faith: born in Greece, Philip was Orthodox. The king bestowed upon Philip Mountbatten the title of Duke of Edinburgh. Now that the formalities were over and the young man had all the necessary regalia to marry a royal person, it was possible to play a wedding.

However, by the time he got married, Philip's bank account was almost empty: to make a gift to the bride, he had to remove diamonds from his mother's tiara and order a bracelet. And as another wedding gift for Lillibet, the prince quit smoking: the young wife asked him about it.

The wedding ceremony of Philip and Elizabeth was broadcast on the BBC radio - televisions in post-war Europe were rare. 200 million people around the world listened to the newlyweds take marriage vows at Westminster Abbey.

From the groom there were very few guests. And all because the sisters Philip jumped out to marry the German aristocrats who supported the Nazis. Such relatives were not needed by the British monarchs.

After 4, after the wedding, the king of Great Britain died, and Elizabeth ascended the throne. Philip again pledged allegiance to his wife, only now as his queen.

“I, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, become your lifelong vassal and the lowest servant; I promise to serve you faithfully and die for you, no matter what happens. God help me! ”

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However, Elizabeth again made a decision, as usual, one and for life: she reigns on the throne, and Philip is in the family. He has the final say when it comes to matters of home and parenting. The marriage of Elizabeth and Philip broke all records, even among conservative royal families: the Queen and the Prince Consort have lived side by side for more than 73 years.

Over the years, the couple have raised four children: Charles, Prince of Wales, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. Philip and Elizabeth have 8 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.

Prince Philip has lots of achievements that few people know about.

  • We are used to the fact that Prince Philip became the shadow of his charismatic wife: he accompanied her on all his trips (and, for a moment, them, 251). But if you look closely, it overlooks the restless temper of the Prince Consort.
  • Philip mastered almost all types of airplanes and helicopters that were available to him (and the princes have a lot). He spent more than 5 hours at the helm.
  • Prince - the first member of the royal family, who decided on a world tour. He also gave the first interview on TV in 1961. This interview is given today by all and sundry, and at that time the prince, who answers the questions of the journalist, was a wonder.
  • He has written several books on ecology, animals and horse breeding, visited 18 thousands of official events and delivered 1 thousands of speeches. In addition, Philip is an honorary member of 780 various organizations: from sports to charities.
  • All these receptions, trips and meetings are part of the prince’s work. Members of the royal family are not allowed to cool off. Officially, Philip and other members of the dynasty receive a rent for it. However, according to the harsh British laws, most of the amount is eaten by taxes.
Photo: Instagram screenshot
  • The prince keeps himself in great shape: in 2008, he asked the court tailor to change his trousers, which he wore the whole 52 of the year, because he “got a little better”. Then Philip put on his pants, which more than half a century, and went to the royal reception.
  • On the Pacific island of Tana, they pray to Prince Philip: here he is considered to be a local deity. According to the ancient legends of the islanders, the son of a mountain spirit will one day go to distant lands, marry a worthy woman and return to them. The prince, by the way, visited the island and was photographed with aborigines.
  • Philip is the only person in the world who can call the queen mon petit chou - “my cabbage” (Fr.).
  • Phillip loves to drive. True, at the beginning of 2019, he had to pass the law: he provoked a car accident and now travels only as a passenger.
  • On June 10, 2021, Philip will be 100 years old. He has long retired and spends a lot of time in the family estate. In an interview, he said that he never wanted to live to 100: "I can't imagine anything worse - I'm already falling apart."

Bonus: he has a great sense of humor.

Prince Philip has a peculiar sense of humor, because of which he constantly finds himself in funny situations. The pompous British roll their eyes, but Philip always says what he thinks. We have collected the most ingenious quotes of the Duke of Edinburgh.

  • "I never manage to try home cooking: all that feeds me is fancy dishes."
  • About the wild pigeon protection project: “Cats kill many more birds than people. Why don't you have the slogan “Kill the cat and save the bird!”? "
  • "[The children] go to school because their parents don't want to see them at home."
  • On her daughter's passion for horses: "If it does not let gases and does not chew hay, then it does not interest her."
  • “When a man opens his car’s door to his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.”
  • Elton John got it too: "Oh, you're the owner of this terrible car, aren't you?" (The prince was referring to the singer's gold Aston Martin. Approx. Bright Side)
  • He asked actress Cate Blanchett to fix his DVD player, because she starred in a movie: “There is a cord sticking out from behind. Can you tell me where to connect it? ”
  • During a visit to the East End, asked a professional collector (debt collector): "Do you still have friends?"

Did you know that Elizabeth II has such a versatile husband? Or, like us, surprised by the prince's vivid biography?

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