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Why Elizabeth II uses 22 sheets a year ago and doesn't throw away old newspapers



The 93-year-old Queen of Great Britain does not allow herself anything extra and instills frugality to all members of the Windsor dynasty. Let's find out what application Elizabeth II finds for old newspapers and what she does for old sheets.


Western media have repeatedly reported that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are a kind of pass for the British monarchy in the modern world. Young, ambitious and, of course, caring for the ecology and saving the environment - they are popular with young people and demonstrate following trends, writes. Many are confident that the Sussex are the first to raise the question of the wise use of the planet’s resources, but it was Elizabeth II who taught her grandson Harry thrift with its inherent humility.

Her Majesty wears the same handbags for 40 years, and in Buckingham Palace allows the use of exclusively energy-saving light bulbs. When the Royal Britannia yacht was decommissioned in the 1997 and turned into a museum, Elizabeth II took all the bedding out of the ship - and still uses it in the palace.

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“Her Majesty continues to effectively use bedspreads from 'Britain', and if the linen becomes thinner, she asks to change it to pillowcases. When the pillowcases begin to deteriorate, Elizabeth II cuts them up and turns them into cushion covers, ”the royal insider told Express.

Even old newspapers go to business! The enterprising Elizabeth II gives all unnecessary waste paper to the workers who grind it and ... create a soft and comfortable flooring for horses. Thus, both the Windsor horses are good (and very comfortable), and the planet.

Her Majesty is economical in other respects: for example, last year she went on Christmas holidays to Norfolk by public transport. The trip cost her 50 pounds (about 62 dollars). Despite personal awareness, Elizabeth II never imposes her principles on other people. Only by her example does she attract the family to maintain her habits.

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