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Why a house in America is worse than an apartment in the Russian outback: the opinion of an immigrant


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American houses are beautiful only on the surface. But it is worth looking inside - the obvious disadvantages of such housing will immediately become visible, writes the author of the blog "Travelers plus" on Yandex Zen.

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When I was about twelve years old, my dad had to go to San Diego (California) for work. Since my mother and I alone would not have survived in the harsh Surgut, he took us with him. This is how my acquaintance with American housing began.

The company rented us a house like this:

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You can't argue, it looks beautiful and very American. Directly resembles family houses from TV series and cartoons. But as they say, don't judge a book by its cover. Now I will tell you why, two years later, an apartment in the Russian outback seemed to us much more convenient than such a cartoon family nest.

Water problems

It is there, but only cold is supplied (and there is little use from it). To have hot water, you need a boiler that heats cold water. And these are extra costs for electricity, for repairs, for replacement of parts. Once our neighbors' old boiler broke down, so they could not really wash for a month, since they could not find a suitable new one.

No privacy

Living in a private home in the United States means always being the center of attention for your neighbors. In most houses, the windows are very large, panoramic, without curtains or tulle. What was happening in our living room could be seen across the street!

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Since chandeliers are not used here, there is no normal lighting. They try to compensate for the lack of light under the ceiling with all sorts of floor lamps and table lamps. But this is very inconvenient, because the areas are large, which means you need a lot of devices. In my bedroom there were two table lamps (on the bedside table and on the desk), a floor lamp and another night light.

Thin walls

Through the thin plywood walls, you can hear what is happening on the other floor. So good that it is impossible to speak even in a whisper.

Useless attic and basement

The attic and basement are, of course, good for the household, but Americans rarely use them. Mostly trash is stored there. But you need to monitor them most carefully - these are dust collectors, and places for the appearance of mold, and sometimes nests for bats (fortunately, we did not).

Despite these (and many others!) Disadvantages, still many of our compatriots dream of a nice house in the American outback and vilify what Russian apartments are worth. The key difference between American life and ours is that Russians are accustomed to the fact that they are supplied with comfort immediately ready-made (electricity, gas, heat), while Americans create comfort themselves. Is it good? In my opinion, no.

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