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Why the rich get richer: how to become a person to whom money is attracted

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


They say that someone put forward an interesting hypothesis. If all the money already printed and in circulation on the planet is withdrawn and divided equally between the inhabitants of the Earth, then everyone will get about one million dollars. And if this money is distributed equally to all the people, then in a short time everything will return to normal: the rich will return the selected, and the poor will lose the gift. And I thought: and if we assume that this is so (although no one has set such an experiment yet), then the question, of course, is one: why?

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I read that smart people say, scrubbed over the guts and came to what opinion.

Yes, most likely it will. Because the phrase “money to money” is not accidental and quite accurately reflects the cycle in nature. And it will happen this way, perhaps because the poor (well, let not only the poor, but also the “average”) are taught mathematics, physics, medicine, playing the pipe, operating an excavator or a spaceship. And the rich are taught quite differently.

Although the world is changing. This is happening especially quickly today, when the Internet fever has seized and reshaped all of us. Therefore, yesterday's students appear and become rich - those who break the rule that I am trying to derive. But there are still hundreds of them, well, even thousands, and we, different people, are billions. The rich study, in addition to the above, and sometimes INSTEAD of them, completely different subjects. This is such a science, taught in few places, but underlying the transformation of a person into a magnet to which money is attracted. And to those already, as has been said, others are also magnetized. This subject I would call: "How to stop running after money and make money run after you." This school is closed, even secret, although it may seem that it is open to everyone who wants to get such knowledge. Kabbalah is also an open (sort of) science. Buy yourself books and read. But you cannot acquire serious, fundamental knowledge in this way (which, by the way, is not said anywhere either).

Money, as it turned out, moves along a path that is not well understood and constantly wander from one pocket to another. At the same time, some get richer, while others, of course, are vice versa. And the main question is still the same: why? Well, I, in fact, have already given my answer to it, although many will not like it, and they probably will not agree with this theory. They have a right.

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Money is like game: you run after her, and she runs from you. Moreover, the faster you run, the faster she runs away. Fishermen, for example, don't run anywhere. We dropped our fishing rod, sat relaxed and waited. Accordingly, the question is: what have money and wealth to do with it? And despite the fact that all of us (who, judging by the results, are definitely the majority) are taught how to run after money. Work ... work for the good ... holy cause ... created a man out of a monkey ... patience and work will grind everything ... Wherever you spit, work (that is, run after money) is an indispensable duty of every conscious worker. And so the people, for the most part, toil at the mills of history. He grinds his life into dust in exchange for the pitiful crumbs with which he pays for this life. Supports, that is. And some comrades, or simply born geniuses, or those who stood next to the Pope, who knows the subject (it doesn't matter where he knows from) are constantly in the forefront at the main trough, from which it is constantly pouring. And they pour megatons of money in different currencies into their palms / portfolios / bins, to the envy of those who rush after them all their lives and will not catch up.

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So what do those who are poured do?

The answer here is simple: they do simple things. They’re not doing anything breathtaking.

Now, when I reveal the secret, everyone will gasp. Or not. They are doing exactly the same thing as those who run for the money headlong. But at the forefront they have business, not money. I know, I know, it sounds like complete nonsense. This is the trick. So: they are doing their job, and the money (now you can start laughing) goes to them like fish to spawn (well, it’s kind of like fishing) ...

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I understand that this sounds too unbelievable and, unfortunately, I can not do anything about it. I would like to alleviate the fate of unbelievers, but I do not know how. One thing I can say: everyone can try to shift the emphasis. It shifts in an unexpected place, you will never guess in which ... In the head. And you’re doing the same thing as you did before. And all the time you control thoughts, and drive away those that are familiar, such as:

“Oh, suddenly it’s not enough to pay for everything”,

“Ah, now, if I had more, then I would ...”,

“But Ivanushka’s from Alyonushka’s sister has more, but unfortunately…”

They come, and you persecute them, and focus on business, is it work or business, and then ...

And then I will not tell. Further, everyone will see for himself what will happen. And do not rush fate and the course of events in this regard. Everything has its time and place. Be patient - you will certainly be rewarded for this.

I won’t say what and when. But it will, certainly it will. A century of will not to see.

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