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Why white chocolate is considered harmful: truth and myths


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Connoisseurs of dark chocolate constantly criticize white for its lack of cocoa powder and a lusciously sweet taste. Portal Yellmed I found out why this product is really good or bad.

White chocolate is produced from cocoa butter, sugar, powdered milk powder and vanillin without the addition of cocoa powder, making it ivory. Photo: Shutterstock

Dark chocolate is considered the most healthy because of its high cocoa content. This ingredient contains theobromine, a substance with an exciting and psycho-stimulating effect. That is why after eating a few pieces of dark chocolate, we feel vigor, a surge of strength, our mood improves.

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There is no cocoa powder in white chocolate. But this does not mean that it is harmful. Cocoa powder is completely replaced by cocoa butter, which also has a number of useful properties.

Cons and pros of white chocolate

Cocoa butter is obtained from the same cocoa beans as the powder. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Cons - high calorie content, can cause allergic reactions.

But if you compare dark and milk chocolate, which immediately contain two allergens - both powder and cocoa butter - then white is less dangerous.

In addition to cocoa butter, high-quality white chocolate also includes milk powder, sugar and vanillin. Powdered milk is made from natural cow's milk, so it retains almost all the beneficial properties. Only the dry product that was obtained from low-quality milk with impurities will be considered harmful.

Vanillin and sugar can only be dangerous if consumed too much. Therefore, in order to avoid problems with blood vessels, liver and excess weight, doctors recommend consuming no more than 20 grams of white chocolate per day.

Since there is no caffeine in white chocolate, small amounts of sweetness can be given to children.

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Choosing a quality product

Unscrupulous manufacturers in the manufacture of white chocolate can use substitutes instead of natural ingredients.

High-quality white chocolate should contain at least 20% cocoa butter. If this indicator is lower or replaced by an equivalent, this is a really harmful product.

The second ingredient on the list in the composition is milk powder. Then comes sugar and vanillin. Nuts, pieces of fruit, and other toppings may be present.

We offer a video of the recipe for a simple and tasty treat - chocolate covered strawberries:

Real white chocolate will remain solid at room temperature, while regular sweet tiles will melt and become rubber. In the mouth, quality chocolate melts, not “chews” and sticks to the teeth.

White chocolate is not as popular as dark or milk. In order not to run into a fake, buy this sweetness of famous brands.

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