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Why Asians do not age and what kind of cosmetics they use


Source: Rambler

On the Internet you can often see various pictures where, for example, a European woman is depicted in 30 years, and next door a lady of Asian appearance in 50, who looks much younger. Why is it so long time no secret.

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Now, in most perfumery and cosmetics shops, you can see a lot of Korean and Japanese brands, while popular Western brands have analogues of Asian colleagues, writes Rambler. What's happening? People finally realized that these tools work. I will tell you about the ten-step care system, which, by the way, minimizes the need for cosmetics. Not all ten steps need to be done every day and, believe me, you will be able to do it in 15-20 minutes, believe me. And it is much easier than drawing arrows.

1) Hydrophilic oil (morning and evening)

Western cosmetologists have taught us: for oily skin, everything that contains oil is contraindicated. But this is not the case. Hydrophilic oil is ideal for oily and sensitive skin, and also helps fight acne. Here the rule is quite simple: we all know that water takes bad oil. Remember, in the end, a greasy pan. It will be quite difficult to wash it with water. But the oil loves oil (because almost all the dishwashing detergents have oil in it, you can check it), so the cleansing agent on the oil will perfectly wash away the sebum, make-up, and sunscreen. How to use: Apply oil on a dry face, massage, rinse with warm water.

2) Cleansing foam or any cleaner on the water (morning and evening)

Surely, this stage is familiar to you. After hydrophilic oil, use the foam to completely get rid of dirt, sweat and other water-based debris.

3) Scrub / exfoliator (2-3 times per week)

Every day, the skin "sheds" billions of cells from itself, which eventually turn into dust. It doesn't sound like that, right? But if this does not happen, the skin will start to become drier, tarnish, which can lead to black spots, acne and uneven skin color. Scrubbing (or exfoliation) allows the skin to regenerate faster, helping to get rid of dying cells. Moreover, after exfoliation, other means (creams, tonics, serums, etc.) will be absorbed better, because they will not need to penetrate through the layer of dead cells, the products will get directly into the epidermis. Well, and most importantly, scrubbing stimulates the production of collagen, which reduces the risk of wrinkles.

4) Tonic (morning and evening)

It is possible that this tool is on your shelf. But check if there is any alcohol / alcohol! It can cause irritation and even destroy the protective barrier of the skin. Tonic should moisturize, nourish the skin. It serves as preparation of the skin for subsequent remedies. Imagine a dry shower sponge. If you soak it first, the funds will be better absorbed. About the same thing happens here, only instead of your sponge is your skin.

5) Essence (morning and evening)

Koreans themselves call the essence of the heart of the daily routine. Many Koreans consider this level the most important. Despite the light texture, in essences there are a lot of active ingredients that moisturize, remove gray, even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

6) Serums, boosters, ampoules (morning and evening)

This product may be called differently, but in essence its purpose is one: they have a more dense texture than the essence, hence a more dense concentration of components. Usually they are applied dotted on problem areas (for example, pigment spots on the cheeks, wrinkles around the lips).

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7) Fabric masks (2-3 times a week)

If the essence is the heart of care, then the fabric masks are the soul. This is not just part of the care, it is a ritual. In general, it is enough to use the 2 mask once a week, but if your skin is dry, it is possible more often. The beauty of masks is that they are not expensive at all and you can try a lot of things different. Just put the mask on your face and rest for a minute 20. The secret of these masks is that the product does not evaporate in this way and the skin absorbs it much more than in the case of conventional masks (and even creams, serums and other things).

8) Eye Cream (morning and evening)

This hero hardly needs an introduction. Eye creams are now a great many, and I advise you still to use a separate eye cream, because the skin around them is thinner and more delicate.

9) Moisturizer (morning and evening) and Sleeping pack (once a week for the night)

Moisturizing - the guarantee of health. What else is there to say? This level can not be missed, any skin needs to be moisturized. Especially (shock!) Oily, because it emits a lot of its own moisture. Sleeping pack or night mask is a very concentrated moisturizer. Apply it over the night to the skin for additional moisture. This is usually sufficient once a week.

10) SPF (morning)

Now there are a lot of SPF moisturizers on the cosmetic market, there are also some who are comfortable. This step is very important, but you will see results not in a week or a month, but in a few years: you will not have (or there will be very few) wrinkles. Creams with SPF protect from the sun, and the sun, as is known, contributes to the appearance of wrinkles, and also skin cancer. And no, if we live in Russia, this does not mean that you need to use such creams only in the summer. Of course, in summer you need a cream with a high SPF, but use this cream whenever you go out or even sit by the window.

So, probably, after reading this list, you think about how much it will all cost. I dare to assure you: Korean cosmetics are not so expensive, moreover, since I started to follow such a system of care, I almost stopped using decorative cosmetics (for example, I almost never use foundation and concealer), because I have a clean and good skin. In general, I highly recommend at least trying such a care system so that we all do not grow old together. And we have not suffered from skin cancer (according to statistics, in Korea, skin cancer is not included even in the top 10 oncological diseases).

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