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Why American women at fifty look thirty: the opinion of an immigrant


Source: "Trips on the shelves" on Yandex.Zen

For this article, the author of the channel "Trips on the shelves" on Yandex.Zen talked with women of different ages and social status in the states of America where she was. I asked everyone the same thing: how do they manage to stay young for so long. The author talked about the ways of personal care that the American women shared with her.

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I also learned one more detail, which, frankly, shocked me. More on this at the end of the article.

Tip 1: moisturizers morning and evening

All women in the US use moisturizers, masks and emulsions. The more often, the better. Especially residents of desert states and cold windy regions. Mandatory minimum - in the morning and in the evening. Do not forget that the composition of the funds should be as natural and safe as possible for the body; For this, many American women specifically go to doctors for advice and advice.

Tip 2: Regular Spa Treatments

The vast majority of American women visit a wide variety of spa treatments with enviable regularity. Of course, not everyone has extra money for this, but the fact remains. Here it is important to find a good specialist who will accurately prescribe the procedures that are right for you.

Tip 3: minimize stress

It's no secret that stress is the root of all troubles. Therefore, in the States, women are struggling with him with all their might in a variety of ways. From the most popular: yoga trips, meditation (you can practice both with a personal mentor and at home), as well as a personal psychologist. I have always treated the “brains” with suspicion, but absolutely all American women who visit or have visited a psychologist unanimously assert about serious positive changes.

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Tip 4: plenty of water

More recently, Americans have switched from soda and coffee to plain water. Now, everywhere I go, I see people with bottles, thermoses, mugs. And it does not matter at all whether this person is engaged in physical activity at the moment. They drink water all the time. Americans even came up with the motto Always stay hydrated, which literally means "Always stay hydrated."

Tip 5: healthy living

I would never have thought that in America, which has always been famous for its "heavyweight" citizens, they are fond of sports. But this is so: in the past few years, many American women have quit smoking, switched to proper nutrition and began to go to gyms. And those who do not have enough funds for a personal trainer make daily runs or bike rides.

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And now what I promised to tell at the beginning

The overwhelming majority of American women said that they only go to Russian beauty specialists, because no one knows better than them what a woman needs to maintain eternal youth. So, maybe it is the Russian craftswomen who are the guarantee of the unfading beauty of American women?

Original blog post "Trips on the shelves" on Yandex.Zen

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