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Why do Americans buy only white towels for their bathrooms?


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How deeply do you think about color when choosing bath towels for your bathroom? What are you guided by - the practicality of the shade, aesthetic preferences, compatibility with the interior? Due to the abundance of options, white can be overlooked - and completely in vain.

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White towels are the standard choice for hotel rooms. White and fluffy - what can better describe the feeling of cleanliness and comfort? And many Americans buy white towels for home, preferring this color to others. American TV presenter Erin Napier told why she buys exclusively white bath towels after the advice of her mother-in-law. TipHero.

A Mississippi resident and HGTV host, Napier took to Instagram to share advice from her husband's mother.

“When we got married, the mother-in-law recommended that I always buy white towels. They can be whitened easily so that they do not accumulate mold. ”

The southern United States is known for its hot and humid climate, creating ideal conditions for the accumulation of mold in wet towels. Unlike color, whites can always be soaked in detergent with bleach, which not only disinfects them and removes unpleasant odors, but also retains color. You do not have to worry about fading.

Many people do not like white towels because of the characteristic yellowish color that they acquire over time. To get rid of it, wash the towels with bleach or add an 1 / 2 cup of white vinegar to the washing machine during the rinse cycle. If you fear that the bleach will be too rough, add vinegar during washing and rinsing.

You can also use chlorine-free bleach - the effect will be the same. It's important to know that bleach can wear down the fibers of your fabric over time, so you shouldn't use it with every wash. Also, if the care instructions prohibit the use of chlorine bleach, follow this rule.

It is advisable to wash white towels separately from other items. Experts recommend washing in cold or warm water and drying at low temperatures. Ideally, air dry the towels.

Important! Avoid using fabric softeners - they can create a special coating on the surface of the towel, which will affect the fluffiness and ability to absorb moisture.

Judging by the experience of Napier and other American women who choose white towels, they are easier to keep clean and fresh. The better you take care of your towels, the longer they will last and the more they will endure numerous washes.

What color are your towels?

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