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Why Americans don't put fences around private homes


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Getting into a cottage town, the first thing that a newcomer to the country will pay attention to is the absence of fences, writes the author of the blog "Where do we live?" on the Yandex Zen.

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If you drive down the street among private houses in the USA, you will notice that there are only meadows and lawns around - and there is no siding at full height, not even a picket fence. Why?

It can be explained by the banal "not accepted", but this, of course, is a consequence, not a cause. There are several reasons.

The first reason is safety

In many states, it is illegal to erect fences at the entrance to your home, as this can become an obstacle for a fire engine to pass if a fire occurs.

The fact is that American beautiful houses are most often made of flammable material. Their facade is wooden, and the walls are made of plasterboard.

As a result, in the event of a fire, an entire area can easily burn down, because the fire will walk from house to house. So it is very important to localize the fire immediately.

To do this, the fire department must be able to drive up close to the house.

By the way, other emergency services, such as the police, must also have access to the house.

Yes, in the USA they put up "cardboard" doors, in good areas people forget to lock them with a key and trust their neighbors, but in the event of an emergency, the police should also have no barriers to entry.

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The second reason is utility meters

It is in Russia that we are used to the fact that once every few months a woman from the housing office comes to us, opens the shield with a screwdriver, asks us to turn on the kettle, and she sits leaning on the toilet while we turn the taps with hot and cold water.

Yes, counters in Russia are inside the house, sometimes they are even hidden. In America, it's different.

The meters are taken out of the territory of the house, and the employees of their American housing office can come and check everything themselves. Comfortable? Yes, but if there are no fences.

The third reason is convenience

Americans often have garages at home. And the exit from them is organized directly to the territory in front of the building - you yourself have probably seen everything in American films.

In order not to run and not to open / close the gates, the USA decided to simply not make a fence.

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The fourth reason is the aesthetic side of the issue

The fence, indeed, negatively affects the appearance of the entire street. Therefore, in decent areas, a large fence is bad manners.

Although the Americans still have fences - they are located on the other side of the house.

Fences in the United States are often found in the backyard, so parents can safely let their children play and not worry that they will leave their territory.

Original column published on the blog. "Where do we live?" on the Yandex Zen

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