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Why do Americans treat sore throat with marshmallows marshmallows


Source: NY Daily News

Using small marshmallows to relieve a sore throat - is this a kind of urban legend, an excuse for the love of sweets or ... the right decision?

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Where did the Americans' habit of treating throat with marshmallows marshmallows come from, and does the method really work for publication NY Daily News An otolaryngologist (an expert in throat, nose and ear diseases) from Langone Medical Center in New York, Dr. Erik Voight told.

“I have not heard that marshmallows really help with a sore throat, and in fact I have been treating patients with such complaints for 20 years. There is nothing in marshmallows that I would recommend for such diseases. "

According to the expert, marshmallows are just sugar, water, air and gelatin. Sometimes based on gelatinous products such as Jell-oThere are products designed to relieve sore throats, but there are few reasons to choose them. Marshmallows won't help relieve pain, but they won't irritate a sore throat either, Voight said.

However, there is a grain of reason in this myth. Initially the name “marshmallow”Comes from a medical word, which in“ common ”language means the root of marshmallow.

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We were treated with “Alteyka” even in Soviet childhood, and to this day they add it to medicines. From what? That's right, from a sore throat, as well as from a cough. Initially, it was marshmallow root that was added to marshmallows to create its characteristic structure, but later marshmallow was replaced with gelatin.

Dr. Stephen Ehrlich, a naturopathic doctor and an acupuncture specialist, confirms this hypothesis:

"Marshmallow works, but not the one you used to put in your hot cocoa."

Marshmallow root, Ehrlich says, is still used in herbal medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties, so marshmallows are indeed suitable for sore throat. You can find marshmallow root at health food stores.

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