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Why do Americans change towels every day


Source: The Daily Mail

Everyone wants to live in an immaculately clean house, but it requires a lot of energy. Nevertheless, there are rules that should be followed regardless of desire and energy. For example, regularly change towels. How often it needs to be done, tells The Daily Mail.

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Bath towels and foot towels

Bath towels can spread bacteria and viruses such as the herpes simplex virus (which causes cold sores) and athlete's foot fungus — they thrive in humid conditions and can live on a wet towel for hours.

Therefore, bath towels should be changed after every three uses, advises Professor Lisa Akerley. Erase them on 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 Celsius).

By the way, this also applies to soft bath mats or towel mats that you use on the floor. Wash them at least twice a week. If washing occurs at lower temperatures, add a disinfectant.

Hand towels

Ideally, hand towels should be changed daily if used by the whole family. Wet hand towels offer an ideal environment for active growth of bacteria - especially when stored in a warm, damp bathroom.

A study at the University of Arizona in 2013 showed that E.coli, or E. coli, is present in more than 25% of household hand towels that they tested.

Few people wash their hands long enough to completely remove germs (requires at least 15 seconds of thorough cleaning - sing the song twice Happy Birthday to You), which increases the likelihood of transferring bacteria to a hand towel.

Kitchen towels

A study at the University of Kansas in 2015 showed that small kitchen towels were the most polluted surface during cooking, quickly becoming covered with germs that could cause food poisoning. The researchers suggested that bacteria, such as salmonella, could grow overnight on a kitchen towel for hands or dishes, even if you washed them in the sink.

“Change them every day - and never wipe your hands with them! - says Professor Ackerly. "Wash at 140 ° F or 60 ° C or higher, separate from other towels."

Washing your underwear with home textiles like dish towels is a big NO. If there is Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli on the fabric of your underwear, they will transfer to the towels and then to the kitchen utensils.

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