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Why actress Olga Budina returned the adopted child to the orphanage


Source: SM News

Olga Budina - a famous Russian actress, was born in 1975 in the Moscow region. She was remembered by the audience for her roles in the TV series "Zemsky Doctor", "Border. Taiga novel, "writes SM News.

Photo: video frame YouTube / NTV

In 2004, the actress was married to businessman Alexander Naumov.

The husband was against Olga acting in films. After the birth of her son Naum, she fled from her husband. Budina returned to acting, as she did not have a livelihood.

Relations between the spouses did not work out, followed by a divorce. Naum’s father did not help them financially, as the actress admitted to viewers in the program “Secret to a Million”. In 2007, she starred in the series "Personal Life of Dr. Selivanova."

Olga has been involved in charity work for a long time, she has her own foundation, through which assistance is provided to orphanages throughout Russia. In one of them, Budina met with a teenage orphan, Sasha Ismailov, she was impressed by him, so the actress thought about adopting a boy.

Photo: video frame YouTube / NTV
Photo: video frame YouTube / NTV

Bunina took him to her capital, where he talked with her own son, the family even rested with the boy abroad. But complete trust between the actress and Sasha did not happen.

The boy often deceived her, and Olga understood that Alexander simply takes advantage of the benefits that she provides him. Budina was afraid that Sasha could negatively affect Naum.

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The woman regularly found cigarette butts in the apartment, but Alexander denied that he smoked. Budina still returned the adopted son to the shelter.

Photo: video frame YouTube / NTV

The young man has already grown up and recently, on the program Secret of a Million, apologized to the actress for his deception. He was simply afraid not to live up to her expectations. Alexander often recalls the happy days he spent in Olga's family.

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