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How much is beauty today? It's hard to believe how much stars spend on their beauty.

Sveta Kotina



It has long been known that celebrities, for the most part, lead a luxurious lifestyle. Their income allows you to use the best that was invented on Earth, and this is not counting all sorts of villas on the coasts, personal islands and airplanes ... But how much they spend their blood on caring for themselves and maintaining their beauty is still impressive. So, what does the beauty of famous women cost.

1. Christina “Chrissy” Teigen

It is known that the model and the popular TV presenter Krissy Teigen rarely favors cosmetologists with her arrival. However, it is known that she does not save at all on cosmetics. For example, twice a day, it applies to face and body. La Mer The ConcentrateThe 50 ml of which costs about $ 600! In this case, one bottle is enough for 3 three. Thus, Christina spends about $ 6 thousand per month only on this tool! Like this.

2. Kylie Kristen Jenner

The fact that Kylie is the daughter of Caitlyn Jenner, who at one time was William Bruce Jenner - a decathlete, who won gold at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, and then changed gender and name - in itself, remarkable.

But in 2016, Kylie dyed her hair 51 (fifty-one!) Times. Kylie is lucky - she has a personal stylist, to whom she pays $ 1-2 thousand for each transformation, depending on the complexity. It is clear that such numerous manipulations with hair color have a bad effect on their health, so she spends an additional $ 5 thousand a month on regenerating procedures. In addition, the star spends 5 hours on a manicure once a week. The cost of this 5-hour nail and hand care marathon is no less than $ 1.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow visits a beautician 2 to 4 times a week, where she undergoes various beauty treatments and massages. In addition, she undergoes microdermabrasion sessions for $ 2250 per visit, electromyostimulation, oxygenation ... Gwyneth's monthly budget for all these procedures is $ 21.

4. Candice Swanepoel

Compared to other stars, this supermodel from South Africa leads a rather modest lifestyle. Infrequent visits to the beautician, once a week, cost Candice $ 500. For even more rare (once in 2 weeks) spa-procedures, which include peeling, various wraps, massages and hammam, she spends $ 1500 for one visit. In addition, once a month, Candace “shakes off”, conducting individually selected cosmetic facial treatments for $ 2 thousands.

5. Angelina Jolie

We think that it is not worth counting how much Angelina spends on procedures for her skin. Suffice it to mention only the figure of $ 1600 - this is exactly what the star pays to her stylist Rosano Feretti to trim the ends of her hair once a month.

6. Jessica ann simpson

Jessica Ann - famous singer, actress, TV presenter and designer. She is rich and not going to save money on its beauty. For example, in addition to regular procedures using specially made serum with anti-aging effect, the cost of one jar of which is $ 500 and which is enough for 3 of the day, Jessica knows how to spend $ 52 thousand a year only to increase her eyelashes. Eyelashes ... Fifty two thousand dollars a year ...

7. Rihanna

It's hard to surprise with personal trainers, stylists, beauticians, gardeners. But Rihanna has reached new heights - she has her own personal ... bronzer. This specially trained man comes to her mansion twice a week and applies a fresh tan on the body and face of the star. One such procedure, without taking into account the cost of special, of course, exclusive funds, costs $ 800.

8. Beyoncé

Of course, the personal cosmetologist of the star strongly recommended that she use an eye cream as a face cream. As he explained to the singer, the texture of skin care products in the eye area is more delicate and, accordingly, absorbed faster and better. Uses the same Beyonce cream Orchidee Imperiale Rich Cream by Guerlainwhich costs about $ 250 per 15 ml. She uses 3 flacons of this cream per week. A star cream is applied to the star’s body. Orchidee ImperialeThe 50 ml of which cost $ 500. Beyonce grabs this amount of cream on 3 of the day.

9. Serena Williams

Now imagine yourself in a bath of water Evianwhich was cleaned twice and to which the violet petals were added. Submitted? Invigorating, right? So, Serena, who knows a lot about not only tennis, but also taking care of her body, takes this bath twice a week. The cost of this exclusive service provided by an athlete hotel Victor, that in Mayamshchina - $ 5500 for 1 time. Serena claims that such a bath "relaxes the body and mind, clears thoughts and brings back to life." We do not know about you, but we agree with this statement!

10. Madonna

Madonna has her own special opinion on everything, about which she can speak quite openly. However, the singer does not really talk about her efforts in the field of beauty, preferring more global themes or, at worst, can speak positively about genetics or proper nutrition. But the world is not without kind people, and information appeared on the Web that Madonna had acquired a salon device for her personal use to combat cellulite. The cost of this is $ 75. Following him, the singer bought a skin oxygenation unit, which costs $ 000.


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