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Weaved intrigues and tried to destroy the marriage: how Meghan Markle planned to outshine the Duchess Kate



Rumors of enmity between the two duchesses have been around for a long time. Insiders claim that the reason lies not in the coldness of the Englishwoman, but in the envy of the American, writes

The complicated relationship of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle has long been heard by everyone. Despite the fact that official representatives of the British royal family prefer not to comment on such speculation, insiders say that the conflict between the two duchesses did not occur from scratch. Its cause was not at all a difference in characters or interests. According to the Blind Gossip portal, Megan was just jealous of Kate.

It is worth noting that she had enough reasons. Katherine was adored in Britain, while then the bride of Prince Harry was severely criticized. Not always successful outfits, ambiguous statements, violations of the royal protocol - the representatives of the British press seemed to compete who would expose the Duchess of Sussex stronger. Yeah, Meghan Markle didn’t dream of such fame.

“This actress hated the fact that everyone (especially her husband) loved her relative. She hated her popularity, her perfect marriage and children. I hated the fact that she had to sit or walk behind Kate all the time. Megan was outraged even by how full she looked next to her, ”the insider said.

Then Megan decided to act. According to anonymous, she went all-in. It was Markle who supposedly was the person who leaked the press about the betrayal of Prince William with Rose Hanbury, Kate's close friend.

Recall, last year there was information that the Duke of Cambridge began dating the ex-model and the wife of the Marquis Chamley when Katherine was pregnant with her third child. The palace, of course, denied everything, but an unpleasant aftertaste from this story remained. By the way, according to insiders, Megan did not care if the gossip was true. One thing was important - to spoil Kate's seemingly perfect marriage and see what happens next.

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However, all was not limited to one gossip. They say that Megan was involved in the stories of Kate’s weight problems (which some people believe that the Duchess suffers from an eating disorder, which explains her thinness), and in stories about how Carol Middleton is a terrible mother.

Recently, the Duchess of Sussex, who, together with her husband, resigned from her royal powers, attended the latest official events and returned to Canada. Here she is, the long-awaited independent life, free from public censure and pressure, which Megan complained with tears in her eyes in the documentary.

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It is worth noting that not everyone considers the Duchess of Sussex the main villain, and Kate - an innocent victim of circumstances. So, the Middleton family did not invite Megan to the wedding of Pippa, the sister of Katherine. They worried that all attention would switch from the bride to a spectacular guest from Los Angeles. This gesture also probably did not please the beloved Prince Harry.

Insiders say that even now, when the "rivals" are separated by thousands of kilometers, Meghan Markle still has his trump cards in his sleeve. So, her "intrigues" against Katherine may not end there.

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