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Plastic surgeons named the 10 most handsome men in the world: full rating


Source: Gossip

Dr. Julian De Silva, who runs a major center for cosmetic and plastic surgery in London, recently presented another study, according to which he recognized 33-year-old Robert Pattinson as a standard of beauty among famous men, writes "Gossip".

Robert Pattison. Photo: Depositphotos

Julian came to this conclusion by studying stellar faces in accordance with the golden ratio rule. It turned out that Robert Pattinson's facial features are almost perfectly symmetrical, making him 92,15 percent close to perfect.

“Robert Pattinson broke into the clear leader after a special computer program measured the symmetry of his face. He became the winner in five categories due to his regular features and chiseled cheekbones. Only thin lips prevented Robert from reaching the ideal, ”said Julian De Silva.

The star of the film “Man of Steel” (Man of Steel) and the TV series “The Witcher” Henry Cavill lost a little to Robert Pattinson - the actor's facial features correspond to the ideal at 91,64 percent, which placed him on the second line of the rating. Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, Idris Elba, Kanye West and Ryan Gosling are also on the list of the most handsome star men.

Recall that a few months ago, Dr. Julian De Silva conducted a similar study among the most famous women.

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Full rating:

1. Robert Pattinson, 33 years old - 92,15 percent perfect

2. Henry Cavill, 36 years old - 91,64 percent perfect

3. Bradley Cooper, 45 years old - 91,08 percent perfect

4. Brad Pitt, 56 years old - 90,51 percent perfect

5. George Clooney, 58 years old - 89,91 percent perfect

6. Hugh Jackman, 51 years old - 89,64 percent perfect

7. David Beckham, 44 years old - 88,96 percent perfect

8. Idris Elba, 47 years old - 88,01 percent perfect

9. Kanye West, 42 years old - 87,94 percent perfect

10. Ryan Gosling, 39 years old - 87,48 percent perfect

And who, in your opinion, is the most beautiful of this list of star men?

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