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'I plan to continue': the famous supermodel recovered by 15 kg during quarantine


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American model, actress and TV presenter Tyra Banks gained 15 kilograms in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic and admitted to wanting to get fat more, writes "".


The star announced this in an interview with Harper's Bazaar magazine, a recording of which appeared in her Instagram account.

The 46-year-old celebrity in a six-minute video talked about her diet during quarantine.

So, in the morning she drinks black coffee without sugar, milk and syrup.

In addition, its menu includes bagels with cream cheese, fried bacon and chips of different tastes.

Banks also noted that she often orders food delivery, namely a traditional Mexican taco dish.

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The supermodel said she recovered by 15 kilograms, and then added that she plans to continue eating in the same way.

Banks also promised that someday she will lose weight, but certainly not in the near future.

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