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Leeches, placenta, a remedy for hemorrhoids: what are women going for to keep youth



Since the time of Cleopatra, people have been looking for ingredients that can not only improve natural beauty, but also prolong it. Today there are promising creams and serums. But most of these products are useless, they are not able to return the promised youth. Today, plastic surgery is an adequate attitude, but chemical peeling of the face or Botox injections, designed to delay aging for several years, still seem barbaric. About what women go to for the sake of preserving or regaining youth, and will tell in this article.

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13. Leeches

Would you agree to put blood-sucking leeches on your face if there were a few wrinkles at stake? Demi Moore is said to have believed in these creatures and agreed to the procedure. It is believed that leeches remove toxins from the blood and rejuvenate. Alas, if only it were that simple.

12. Bird droppings

Victoria Beckham is not alone in her decision to keep her youth. Since she conquered the stage and appeared on posters in the 1990s, the artist has been on strict diets. And for masks, she uses a very strange ingredient that provides her skin with elasticity and radiance. In addition to nightingale droppings, the mask includes rice bran and water. A similar remedy was used by Japanese geisha for healthy skin color. Each mask must be kept on the face for 60 minutes, and such a procedure costs $ 200.

11. The placenta

Everyone knows that the substances contained in the placenta are characterized by an extraordinary therapeutic effect. Actress Eva Longoria is considered to be a supporter of just such a treatment, since the placenta contributes to the rapid regeneration of cells.

10. Cat litter

Experts say that pets help us cope with depression and stress. But some people think that in order to look young, you don’t need to get a cat, you just need to use a cat litter filler as a scrub for peeling skin. Supermodel Christie Brinkley uses it to maintain skin beauty. None of the scientists made a refutation of this idea, and Brinkley with his appearance proves that the tool works.

9. Caviar

Today you will not surprise anyone with caviar, although earlier, and today, this product was considered the lot of the rich. At one time, Cleopatra (and today Angelina Jolie does this as well) used it as a face mask. For a small portion, now they give away $ 300. Caviar is used as a moisturizing body mask, and since it contains vitamins A and D and other beneficial substances, it is also nutritious. However, you can replace the caviar with a $ 15 jar of fish oil, as it contains the same ingredients.

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8. Do not smile

Oddly enough, but in addition to health, laughter contributes to the formation of wrinkles on the face around the mouth and eyes. Many have decided to give up smiling and try not to express any emotions on their faces. The woman who calls herself the modern-day Mona Lisa hasn't laughed in 40 years. A more famous personality, Kim Kardashian, is criticized for this demeanor. But Kim, posting photos where she laughs with friends, comments on Instagram that she still laughs, but infrequently, as this causes wrinkles.

7. The use of collagen

Another controversial remedy used to prolong youth came to us from Japan. This collagen is a substance of animal origin. Women not only practice collagen injections, but also drink it in the belief that concentrated collagen will help the skin stay firm due to its action from within. That's why in Japan, in restaurants, women prefer dishes in which collagen is added.

6. Purple products

Antioxidants have been proven to fight premature aging. They are found in expensive creams, fruits, and purple berries such as blueberries or goji berries. That is why many introduce them into their diet. Courtney Love claims that she has been following just such a menu for a long time, but since the singer has experienced many plastic surgeries, it is now difficult to say that it was the berries that helped her.

5. Botox

The most popular beauty treatments are Botox injections. They are much more affordable and safer than plastic surgery. But this is not the whole truth about them. If the injections are made incorrectly or with a low-quality drug, the person may become paralyzed. In addition, the patient literally sits down on injections, since the time of their action is short. The faces of many Hollywood stars have completely changed due to such injections, often not for the better.

4. Neck lift

It doesn't matter how many injections are made to get rid of wrinkles on the face, if the neck betrays its real age. That's what a neck lift is for. This is a surgical procedure - the skin is cut and stretched. Do not flatter yourself: after these manipulations, the neck will not look like a twenty-year-old girl. The operation will only slightly improve its appearance.

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3. 24K Gold Mask

Face masks have been used at all times to maintain beauty. They mainly include ingredients such as honey, milk, and other nutrients, but not gold. This very expensive mask was proposed by a Japanese company as a very powerful tool with antioxidant effect. Today, with great desire, such a mask can be made in any country if you pay $ 250.

2. The remedy for hemorrhoids

One of the secrets of the youth of supermodels, in particular Christy Turlington, is the use of the drug H under the eyes to combat wrinkles and bags. This medicine containing phenylephrine is used to treat hemorrhoids. It is not recommended by experts for frequent use on the face, as the skin may thicken in the area of ​​application and cause premature wrinkles.

1. Stem cells

Today, the attention of scientists is focused on stem cell research, which can help the skin regenerate and improve, as well as cope with skin diseases, aging and scar resorption. Theoretically, the effect of using the cream occurs after an hour, although special studies have not been conducted. Over time, it will become clear whether stem cells can be considered the new Botox.

However, this is not a complete list of strange ingredients added to cosmetics. There are options and worse.

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