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Feast on 800 guests: the daughter of the founder of the "Turetsky Choir" played a magnificent wedding. A PHOTO


Source: TVNZ

People's Artist of Russia, founder of the musical group "Turetsky Choir" Mikhail Turetsky married his eldest daughter.

20-year-old Sarina became the wife of an 22-year-old graduate student at MBDA MGIMO and heir to the Georgian restaurant empire GG Group, Tornike Tsertsvadze, reports “TVNZ».

It is noted that the couple met for about five years. The wedding was held in the banquet hall of the Evropeyskiy shopping center, where about eight hundred guests came from all over the world.

As the newspaper writes, both Mikhail Turetsky and the groom's father, Gela Tsertsvadze, are respected people. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, Iosif Kobzon with his wife Nelly, Emmanuel Vitorgan with his wife, Mikhail Barshchevsky, designer Igor Gulyaev, Alexander Revva and other famous personalities came to congratulate their children on their marriage.

One of the first took the floor of Joseph Kobzon:

“I remember how 46 years ago, when I married my beloved wife, they also wished me happiness. 46 years have passed, and we have children (which we wish you too), grandchildren (which we also wish). And we want those kind faces and words that they will tell you to accompany, like us, your whole life. It is customary among us Jews that when we come to a wedding, they ask - whose side are you on? I'm here from the bride's side. But, due to the fact that I love Georgia very much, and was brought up by Georgians, I think that I am from that side too. Nobody shares today. I want to sing one symbolic song - once I sang it to my daughter, she gave birth to me four grandchildren. I hope that Tornike will not lag behind ”.

After that, “Ah, this wedding sang and danced” sounded.

After that, the microphone was taken by the younger daughters of Turkish to sing a song. Baby Beata could not support Emmanuel and wept touchingly as she escorted her sister into adulthood.

The bride was wearing a dress by Valentin Yudashkin. Many were touched by the traditional dance of the bride and her father, as well as the Georgian dance performed by the bride and groom.

The host of the celebration was Andrey Malakhov. By the way, this was his first performance as a wedding presenter after the “transfer” to the channel “Russia”. This was noticed by Nikolai Baskov, who also came to congratulate the youth:

“Finally, I want to hug and kiss you, our channel“ Russia ”! Finally we got the most ingenious, the most popular! Andrey, it's so beautiful, after many years, having left the First to the Second, to perform here for the first time as a host! I believe that this is kosher, that this is mazl tov, that this is lechaim. “First”, “NTV” - it's all clear. But “Russia” is all-embracing. Misha, your daughter grew up before my eyes. Your wife reminded me that when your daughter gets married, I will be best man and drive the wedding limousine. But over the years I have forgotten how to drive a car, but I have learned to sing even better. I only wish that you have beautiful grandchildren, that children will please. And I want to say to my son-in-law - Sarina can be either your wife or a widow - it cannot be otherwise ”.

The gifts to the newlyweds were given to the sea, the newspaper writes. And money, and decorations, and paintings. But most of all Michael Barshevsky distinguished himself:

“Olya and my wife made such a gift to us 42 years ago, for a wedding. And the words were like this - until you use all this, you should not get divorced. And indeed, until we used all this, we did not get divorced. And then it was too late to divorce. I think 40 years will be enough for you ”.

And gave pounds of salt.

Many noted the decor of the room - white flowers, wild grapes, beautiful portraits of the bride and groom. It turns out that this was done by Gennady Samokhin, who decorated the premises for the direct line of Vladimir Putin. And the director of the action was Georgy Novikov.

Before the birthday cake was brought in, Mikhail Turetsky presented his new group, which touchingly sang the song of Raymond Pauls "I am drawing you." The musical program was generally matched - the songs of "Turetsky Choir" were liked by absolutely all guests - both the Georgian and Jewish sides.

Soso Pavliashvili sang as best he could, mentally. Tamara Gverdtsiteli came from the rehearsal of the "Spasskaya Tower" and lit Teona Kontridze. The aforementioned Nikolai Baskov and Iosif Kobzon sang. And even Alexander Revva sang his hit "Like Celentano" together with "Soprano Turetskiy".

The guests also did not leave empty-handed - each of them was presented with a bottle of Georgian wine with a photo of the young, as well as two churchkhela sticks. And this is not the end - in a week the wedding will be played in Georgia, in Mtskheta.

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