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Singer Aziz in 55 for the first time getting married


Source: МК

Offer hands and hearts arrived in the New Year's Eve.

Frame of the program "The Fate of a Man", 2019. Photo: video frame YouTube / Russia 1

Popular in 90-s singer Aziza announced her intention to get married, and this marriage will be the first official actress. Chosen performer became a musician Oleg Beskrovny, with whom Aziz has been friends for many years, writes МК.

The artist said that she met her future husband about 30 years ago, according to Starhit. At first he offered her a song, then began to court and even made an offer, but all these years they remained just good friends. But now, after so many years, fate has brought Aziza back together with a longtime admirer and, having caught a bridal bouquet at a recent wedding of friends, she decided.

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On the air of the program "Going out to the people" Aziza said that the groom proposed to her on New Year's, when they went to Yalta together.

“I knew that he loved me all these years. And I said yes, ”the singer admitted.

According to her, the groom knows about all her past novels, but now it does not play any role. The couple is committed to starting a family and even reflects on the adoption of a child.

“Oleg said that this is a serious issue, but we will solve it,” Aziza shared.

Frame of the program "The Fate of a Man", 2019. Photo: video frame YouTube / Russia 1

She also noted that she had always dreamed of children. This question was acute during a civil union with businessman Alexander Borodulin, who was often called the official husband of the singer.

According to Aziza, due to infertility, she could not fulfill her dream, and when asked about surrogacy, the former lover replied that he wanted “my genes to be in the child”.

The singer admitted that she continues to love the former satellite in her own way, but she is glad that she was able to part with it and decided to connect life with Oleg.

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