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The first digital contraceptive led to 37 pregnancies



The Natural Cycles application was the first in the world to receive the status of a legal contraceptive from the German company Tüv Süd (specializing in testing the safety of new medicines and devices for the Ministry of Health), says

However, in fact, the remedy was less effective than in theory: 37 women complained about an unwanted pregnancy after using Natural Cycles for contraception. Reported by The Verge.

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Algorithm Natural cycles uses statistical methods that one of the project’s co-founders, Elina Berglund, created while working at CERN. The application monitors body temperature to measure fertility (you must enter your indicators daily in the application). Based on the data Natural cycles makes recommendations on contraception: if the application considers that the day for unprotected sex is appropriate - it will be marked in green in the calendar. Dangerous days are marked in red.

All 37 cases occurred in Stockholm in Sweden. About complaints about the application said the local hospital Sodersjukhusetin which patients are observed. Representatives Natural cycles stated The Vergethat did not receive any information from the hospital, however they established contact with the victims and work with each girl individually. The company also initiated an internal investigation with its clinical department.

Meanwhile in Natural cycles hurried to declare:

No contraceptive can be considered an effective 100%, and unwanted pregnancies are an unavoidable risk for any contraception. Pearl Index Natural cycles equal to 7, this means that the efficiency is 93% with regular use, to which we also pay attention.

Also in Natural cycles stated that 37 unwanted pregnancy is the norm. The harsh reality is that if not protected, the risk still exists:

At first glance, the numbers in the media are not surprising, given the popularity of the application, along with our performance indicators. As our user base grows, the number of unwanted pregnancies among users will grow. Natural cyclesthat is the inevitable reality.

Today, the application uses 700 000 women around the world. Perhaps they will reconsider their attitude to this tool after such comments. By the way, Natural cycles created for users older than 18 years - for younger women, the company recommends using other methods of contraception.

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