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The first signs of stress and how to get rid of them


Source: Psychologies

Stress accumulates unnoticed and gradually. At that moment when you think that everything is in order, it is possible that it already has a destructive effect on the body. Chicago family therapists have identified a number of reasons for which symptoms can be identified. looming stress.

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If you have nightmares for a long time, do not go through the dream books and interpreters. You just need to take a vacation and recover on the coast of the nearest beach. Sea air, deep sleep and a couple of cocktails with a straw will give you back a sense of balance and mental strength.

Hair loss may not always be associated with weather conditions or cosmetics. This may be a precursor of stress. To keep the curls shiny, strong and resilient, provide them with proper care, healthy nutrition and good sleep. And, of course, less nervous!

Weight gain, ringing in the ears, the desire to constantly itch - all this suggests that the body has recently suffered a big stressful shake. Do not ignore these first signs, do not let them go into depression or psychosomatic illness. Relax more, devote your free time to your favorite work, indulge yourself with small gifts, sign up with your girlfriends for spa treatments.

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