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'I already see the first fruits': Ouspenskaya told why she broke off her relationship with her daughter


Source: Rambler

The scandal, arranged by the daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya throughout the country, is still fresh in the memory of the public. Then Tatyana Plaksina, despite her already quite adult age - 30 years old - behaved like an unbalanced teenager, recalls "Rambler".


She broadcast the television program "The Stars Came Together" accused her mother of all mortal sins. According to the girl, Ouspenskaya beat, strangled, locked her at home and suppressed her mentally.

True, later Tatyana took her words back, trying to shift the responsibility to the employees of the television project.

She stated that she was deceived, forcing to tell a lie according to the script, and apologized to her mother. She took the fee for speaking on a talk show and flew to America to her father.

Ouspenskaya extremely hard suffered a similar demarche arranged by an only child. Moreover, according to the star, in Tatyana’s life she took the kindest and most active part.

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For example, she paid for a complex and long treatment, and then the rehabilitation of her daughter after a facial injury. Plaksina fell off her bicycle, crushed her jaw and lost several teeth.

In addition, according to media reports, the queen of chanson treated her daughter in a specialized clinic for drug addiction.

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Now Ouspenskaya is full of determination to let her daughter go swimming independently.

She simply sees no other way out, although she is very worried about her daughter, whose psyche is unstable.

“We have no relations now, I completely cut off all contacts with my daughter. And hopefully this will help. Because if I continue, as if nothing had happened to communicate with her, this will give Tanya hope that she can continue to do whatever she wants. I’m already seeing the first fruits, ”cites the singer StarHit.

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